Unveiling Eida: The Unique Abilities and Intriguing Story of a Boruto Character
Unveiling Eida: The Unique Abilities and Intriguing Story of a Boruto Character

Unveiling Eida: The Unique Abilities and Intriguing Story of a Boruto Character

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If you’re a fan of the popular anime and manga series Boruto, you’ve probably heard of Eida. This captivating character has gained a significant following among fans, thanks to her unique abilities and intriguing storyline. In this article, we’ll delve into Eida’s origin, her remarkable powers, and the challenges she faces.

Eida’s Origin and Modifications

Eida was created by Amado, a member of the organization Kara, with the goal of enhancing her strength to defeat Jigen. Through his modifications, Eida obtained the power to charm and control others. This ability is potent, but it comes with limitations. Eida can only influence individuals who are not part of her immediate family or the Ōtsutsuki clan.

A Threat to Jigen


Recognizing Eida’s potential threat, Jigen, also known as Isshiki, orders Boro to eliminate her and her brother Daemon. Eida, who has always been obeyed, longs for someone who can challenge and contradict her. This desire draws the attention of individuals who may have the strength to stand up against her powers.

The Senrigan: A Vision Beyond Boundaries

One of Eida’s most fascinating abilities is her possession of the Senrigan, a special eye that grants her the power of unparalleled vision. With this eye, Eida can witness events transpiring worldwide and even delve into past events. The origin of her Senrigan can be traced back to a DNA transplant from Shibai Ōtsutsuki, a powerful member of the Ōtsutsuki clan.

Eida’s Design: A Visual Delight

In both the anime and manga versions of Boruto, Eida’s design is visually appealing. Her striking appearance perfectly complements her charming and controlling abilities. Her character design has become highly praised among fans, and she stands out as an iconic figure in the series.

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Amado’s Modifications and Eida’s Resentment

Amado’s modifications to enhance Eida and her brother Daemon were primarily aimed at defeating Jigen, but they also had unforeseen consequences. Eida harbors deep resentment towards Amado due to these modifications. This resentment further fuels her desire to seek individuals who can challenge her and defy her desires.

The Power of Attraction and its Limitations

Eida’s power of attraction is an incredible ability, but it does have its limitations. Her charm and control don’t work on her immediate family or members of the Ōtsutsuki clan. This restriction prevents her from exerting full control over these specific individuals, making her vulnerability apparent.

The Threat to Jigen

Due to Eida’s significant physical strength and her possession of the Senrigan, she poses a genuine threat to Jigen. Recognizing this danger, Jigen orders Boro to eliminate her and her brother. However, Boro is spellbound by Eida’s power and makes the decision to hide and deactivate her instead of carrying out his orders.


Eida is a mesmerizing character in the world of Boruto, thanks to her unique abilities and fascinating backstory. Her modifications by Amado have made her a formidable threat to Jigen, putting her life on the line. Yet, there’s something captivating about Eida that draws others towards her. Whether it’s her enchanting charm or her desire for defiance, Eida remains an intriguing figure to both fans and characters in the Boruto series.

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