Unraveling the Mysteries: A Review of Haseen Dillruba - A Captivating Indian Psychological Thriller
Unraveling the Mysteries: A Review of Haseen Dillruba - A Captivating Indian Psychological Thriller

Unraveling the Mysteries: A Review of Haseen Dillruba – A Captivating Indian Psychological Thriller

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When it comes to the genre of psychological thrillers, Haseen Dillruba stands out as a captivating and mysterious film. Released on July 2, 2021, this original Netflix production from India has taken the audience on a rollercoaster ride of suspense and intrigue.

The film revolves around Rani (played by Taapsee Pannu), who finds herself in a devastating situation when her house is bombed, resulting in the death of her husband. As the only witness to the incident, Rani becomes the prime suspect in the murder investigation. The police dive deep into the case, uncovering various mysteries and leading to a murky set of facts.

Drawing inspiration from Roald Dahl’s famous short story ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’, Haseen Dillruba weaves a tale of love, betrayal, and murder. The film delves into the motives, desires, and consequences of the characters’ actions, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

One of the standout aspects of Haseen Dillruba is its exceptional music and songs. Composed by Amar Mangrulkar and Amit Trivedi, the melodic tunes perfectly complement the thrilling atmosphere of the film. The soundtrack, released by T-Series, adds an extra layer of depth to the storytelling.


Directed by Vinil Mathew, Haseen Dillruba boasts a talented ensemble cast. Taapsee Pannu delivers a power-packed performance as Rani, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Vikrant Massey portrays the character of Rishu, Rani’s husband, with conviction and vulnerability. Harshavardhan Rane adds an element of mystery and intrigue as Neel, Rishu’s cousin.

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The story unfolds through police interrogations, with Rani revealing the story of her love and marriage with Rishu. The relationship between Rani and Rishu takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of Neel. This love triangle further intensifies the complexities of the plot, leaving the audience guessing about each character’s true intentions.

Haseen Dillruba is not just a thrilling crime mystery; it also explores the themes of trust, deception, and the consequences of our actions. As the film reaches its climax, the mysteries are unraveled, and the characters face the repercussions of their choices.

In conclusion, Haseen Dillruba is a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers. Its captivating storyline, exceptional performances, and intriguing mysteries make it a standout film in the genre. With its release on Netflix, this Indian production has successfully captivated audiences worldwide. Prepare to be enthralled by the enigmatic world of Haseen Dillruba, where nothing is as it seems.

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