Unraveling the Supernatural: A Journey into Anime Monthly Moso Science
Unraveling the Supernatural: A Journey into Anime Monthly Moso Science

Unraveling the Supernatural: A Journey into Anime Monthly Moso Science

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In the realm of supernatural mystery anime, Monthly Moso Science stands out as a captivating series that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Set in a supernatural world filled with strange phenomena, this anime takes audiences on a thrilling journey through the unexplained.

The story follows a group of intriguing characters, namely Taro, Jiro, Saburo, and Goro. Each character brings their own unique abilities and personalities to the screen, captivating the audience with their expressive performances.

At the heart of the anime is a monthly magazine that covers supernatural phenomena. Goro, a scientist, arrives at the magazine’s editorial department with a mysterious story that piques everyone’s curiosity. Little do they know that his arrival will uncover a series of events that cannot be explained by science alone.

The production of this anime is handled by studio OLM, known for their exceptional animation quality. With captivating visuals and attention to detail, viewers will be immersed in the supernatural world of Monthly Moso Science.


Leading the creative team is director and character designer, Chizuru Miyawaki. With her vision, she brings to life the unique and visually striking characters that populate the series. Additionally, Hiroko Kanasugi is responsible for the serial composition, ensuring a cohesive storyline that will keep viewers hooked.

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Promotional videos introducing other key characters have already been released, building anticipation for the anime’s premiere. Fans can expect a stellar cast of voice actors, each bringing their talent and skill to breathe life into the characters they portray.

Mark your calendars because Monthly Moso Science will make its debut in January 2024. The wait will be over, and viewers can finally embark on a journey filled with supernatural mysteries and unexpected twists.

In summary, Monthly Moso Science is an anime that promises to deliver an unforgettable viewing experience. With its supernatural mystery theme, captivating animation, and talented voice actors, viewers will be transported to a world where science meets the unexplained. Don’t miss out on this thrilling journey into the unknown!

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