Unlocking Naruto's Hidden Powers in Boruto: A Journey towards Regaining Strength
Unlocking Naruto's Hidden Powers in Boruto: A Journey towards Regaining Strength

Unlocking Naruto’s Hidden Powers in Boruto: A Journey towards Regaining Strength

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Naruto, the legendary ninja, has always been known for his incredible strength and determination. However, in the recent events of the Boruto manga, Naruto suffered a great loss as he lost his trusted partner, Kurama. This loss weakened Naruto, but it also opened up the possibility for him to awaken new powers and regain his strength.

After emerging from the Daikokuten dimension, Naruto embarks on a journey to unlock his hidden powers. The first power he discovers is the Wood Element. This rare and powerful ability allows Naruto to control and manipulate wood, enabling him to create strong defensive structures and launch devastating attacks. With this newfound power, Naruto becomes an even more formidable opponent.

As an Uzumaki descendant, Naruto has the potential to master the powerful sealing technique known as Shikifujin. This technique allows him to seal away his enemies, preventing them from causing any more harm. With diligence and training, Naruto can become a master of this technique, further increasing his strength and abilities.

Another strong Fuinjutsu technique Naruto can learn is the Uzumaki Fuinjutsu. This ancient and powerful technique involves the use of intricate seals to trap and bind enemies. By mastering this technique, Naruto can become one of the strongest ninjas ever known.


In his quest to regain his strength, Naruto comes across secret scrolls that hold the knowledge of the Hiraishin no Jutsu, a teleportation technique. With the help of these scrolls, Naruto can master this technique and gain the ability to instantly teleport to any location. This technique not only enhances his combat skills but also gives him a strategic advantage in battle.

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One of the most intriguing hidden powers that Naruto can unlock is the Chakra Ashura. Derived from the ancient Ashura Otsutsuki, this power grants Naruto immense chakra and increases his physical abilities. With Chakra Ashura, Naruto can reach new levels of power and become an unstoppable force.

In conclusion, Naruto’s journey in the Boruto manga takes a new turn as he awakens various hidden powers. From the rare and powerful Wood Element to the sealing technique of Shikifujin, and the ancient Uzumaki Fuinjutsu to the teleportation ability of Hiraishin no Jutsu, Naruto has the potential to regain his strength and become even more powerful. Along with the enigmatic Chakra Ashura, Naruto’s hidden powers showcase his growth and determination. Stay tuned to see how Naruto further develops these powers and faces new challenges in his quest to protect his loved ones and the ninja world.

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