Unraveling the Mystery of Im Sama in One Piece 1086
Unraveling the Mystery of Im Sama in One Piece 1086

Unraveling the Mystery of Im Sama in One Piece 1086

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As One Piece 1086 draws near, fans are left wondering about the true identity of Im Sama. Although we have only seen the silhouette of this mysterious character, the recent reveal of Im’s actual appearance in the previous chapter has only increased our curiosity. Various theories have been speculated about Im Sama’s identity, with some suggesting that the character’s reference is based on the highest deity of Babylonian myth – Marduk.

According to legend, Marduk was the god of storms who defeated the primordial chaos monster, Tiamat, to become the supreme ruler of the sky and earth. He was believed to hold the destiny of kingdoms and its inhabitants, including humanity. Interestingly, Im Sama shares Marduk’s belief of being a deity, similar to God Enel who considered himself a god too. It’s no surprise that Im Sama’s name in Japanese translates to “Lord God” or “Master God”.

Furthermore, Marduk was said to wield the weapon Imhullu, which is believed to be the inspiration for one of Im Sama’s future attacks in One Piece 1086. It’s also interesting to note that Marduk’s sacred animal was a dragon with a forked tongue, similar to the symbols often associated with Im Sama’s character design.

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Although there are other theories surrounding Im Sama’s reference, it’s apparent that Oda Sensei has drawn inspiration from various mythologies and pantheons to create this enigmatic character. With the reveal of Im Sama’s true identity looming in One Piece 1086, fans eagerly wait to see if their theories and speculations are correct.

In conclusion, the mysterious character of Im Sama carries references of the Babylonian god of storms, Marduk. The parallels between the two characters’ deity complexes are fascinating, and the possibility of Im Sama using Imhullu opens up more questions about the character’s nature and abilities. We can’t wait to see what more One Piece 1086 has in store for us regarding this intriguing character.

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