One Piece Manga: Luffy vs Gorosei in a Furious Battle
One Piece Manga: Luffy vs Gorosei in a Furious Battle

One Piece Manga: Luffy vs Gorosei in a Furious Battle

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In the current battle taking place on Egghead Island, Luffy and Gorosei go head to head in a furious engagement. The Gorosei are known to be the highest rulers in the One Piece world’s government system. They are also considered the second most potent forces in the world’s government after Im Sama. However, Gorosei is on the island to get rid of Dr Vegapunk and the Topi Jerami group led by Luffy, both of which are considered significant threats to the world government. It is no surprise that the Gorosei and an extensive navy fleet are taking action to eliminate them.

In chapter 1083, the Gorosei arrives at Egghead Island, and Luffy’s fight against Serpahim Bear is ongoing. Luffy tries to avoid Gorosei’s attacks, but Gorosei moves quickly with the Soru technique. On the other hand, Vegapunk was found by Robin and Brook, and they are on their way to the Sunny Go ship to treat his injuries. However, Vice Admiral Momonga halts them on their way, as he was ordered by Gorosei to locate Vegapunk.

Unfortunately, things get worse as Gorosei meets Luffy and states that he does not believe that the god, Nika, is not associated with the D clan. This leads to the question of whether the D clan is always related to the god Nika or not. In this chapter, Eiichiro Oda did not give a clear answer to this question. Instead, Gorosei begins to attack Luffy quickly with the Soru technique again. Luffy cannot avoid Gorosei’s attacks and, in turn, gets thrown away, eventually passing through several laboratory walls. Zoro, who is next to Luffy, also gets hit by Gorosei and is thrown away until he reaches Luffy’s location.

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The battle continues, and Gorosei follows Luffy to hit him again, and Zoro, who wants to assist Luffy, gets knocked down by Vice Admiral. Luffy, with Nika mode, is unable to defeat Gorosei, and his attempts fail miserably. Eventually, Luffy loses the fight without any resistance. This One Piece manga chapter reveals yet another exciting battle, and fans of the series will be eagerly waiting for the next chapters to come.
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