Unlocking the Power: Boruto's Jougan Impact on Two Blue Vortex Manga
Unlocking the Power: Boruto's Jougan Impact on Two Blue Vortex Manga

Unlocking the Power: Boruto’s Jougan Impact on Two Blue Vortex Manga

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Boruto’s Jougan is a unique power that has captivated fans of the Boruto manga. The theory of the Two Blue Vortex suggests that the appearance of Jougan will have a profound effect on the storyline. In chapter 1 of the manga, subtle signs of Jougan’s presence are already present, hinting at the immense power it holds.

Boruto’s ability to use Jougan after arriving in Konoha is not strange, as it can be compared to Naruto unlocking his jinchuriki mode. It is evident that Boruto’s rapid development is a result of three supporting factors. Firstly, his long and intense training, particularly under the guidance of the skilled Sasuke Uchiha. Their three years of training have undoubtedly contributed to Boruto’s rapid growth.

Additionally, Boruto’s lineage as a 100% Otsutsuki plays a significant role in his abilities. Being a direct descendant of the Otsutsuki clan gives him access to immense power. Furthermore, the return of Nue to its original form has also enhanced Boruto’s capabilities.

Having a mentor and a scientist analyzing Boruto’s powers is crucial for his development. Sasuke’s guidance and expertise are essential in unlocking Boruto’s true potential. Furthermore, a scientist is needed to understand the full extent of Boruto’s Karma power. By studying his abilities, they can provide valuable insights into his future growth.


It is important to note that Momoshiki’s presence in Boruto’s body is not for control or domination. Instead, it serves as a means to gain knowledge on how to utilize Jougan. The awakening of Jougan may result from Boruto’s 100% Otsutsuki power, which is connected to a deeper sense of hope within him.

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Speculation suggests that Orochimaru, known for his mastery of forbidden jutsu, could play a crucial role in assisting Boruto’s development. His expertise and unorthodox methods may hold the key to unlocking Boruto’s full potential.

The need for a mentor and a scientist is further emphasized by the events involving Kawaki and Jigen. These events raise questions about the inconsistencies in Boruto’s 100% Otsutsuki power. The awakening of Jougan may hold the answers to these inconsistencies, adding more depth to the ongoing storyline of Boruto’s journey towards realizing his true powers.

In conclusion, Boruto’s Jougan is a power that is expected to have a significant impact on the Two Blue Vortex manga. From his intense training with Sasuke to the analysis of scientists and the presence of Momoshiki, all factors contribute to Boruto’s growth and the potential awakening of Jougan. As fans eagerly await the unfolding of this storyline, the mysteries surrounding Jougan continue to captivate readers, ensuring an exciting and thrilling journey for Boruto and his quest for power.

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