Sentomaru: From Troublemaker to Vegapunk's Loyal Guard
Sentomaru: From Troublemaker to Vegapunk's Loyal Guard

Sentomaru: From Troublemaker to Vegapunk’s Loyal Guard

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Sentomaru, the renowned guard of Dr. Vegapunk and leader of the Marine Science Unit, has an intriguing backstory that highlights his character development and unwavering loyalty. This article delves into Sentomaru’s journey from being labeled a rebel to becoming Vegapunk’s trusted protector, as well as his encounter with Borsalino, also known as Kizaru.

Sentomaru’s troubled past began in his hometown, where he was known as a troublemaker. Abandoned in the harsh mountains, he was forced to survive on his own. It was during this time that fate led him to cross paths with the brilliant scientist, Dr. Vegapunk.

Dr. Vegapunk, fascinated by Sentomaru’s strength and determination, decided to create a weapon capable of driving away the wild bears that roamed the mountains. With his knowledge of Sumo techniques, Sentomaru fearlessly faced off against the bears and emerged victorious. However, hunger eventually forced him to surrender.

Impressed by Sentomaru’s prowess, Dr. Vegapunk recognized his potential and saved him from his dire situation. Thus, Sentomaru became Vegapunk’s loyal guard and protector. As Sentomaru grew into adulthood, he joined the Marines and honed his skills even further.

During his time in the Marines, Sentomaru crossed paths with Borsalino, also known as Kizaru, who agreed to assist Dr. Vegapunk with his groundbreaking Devil Fruit research. Borsalino’s extraordinary powers provided entertainment for Sentomaru, leading the guard to affectionately refer to him as ‘Paman,’ a term reminiscent of respect in the Yakuza community.

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As Captain of the Science Unit and a full-fledged Marine officer, Sentomaru’s loyalty to Dr. Vegapunk is unwavering. Despite receiving orders from Kizaru to eliminate Vegapunk, Sentomaru chooses to protect him at all costs. In fact, Sentomaru’s defense is considered the strongest in the world, a testament to his unwavering commitment to his mentor.

Sentomaru’s design is based on Kintaro, a revered folk hero in Japanese culture. Kintaro, known for his superhuman strength, symbolizes the indomitable spirit that Sentomaru embodies.

In conclusion, Sentomaru’s captivating backstory and unwavering loyalty to Dr. Vegapunk showcase his remarkable character development. From his troubled past and fateful encounter with Vegapunk, to his alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates and his unyielding commitment to protect what he believes in, Sentomaru exemplifies the epitome of a dedicated and honorable warrior.

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