Unleashing the Power of Cursed Technique Naobito Zenin - A Comprehensive Guide
Unleashing the Power of Cursed Technique Naobito Zenin - A Comprehensive Guide

Unleashing the Power of Cursed Technique Naobito Zenin – A Comprehensive Guide

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The world of Jujutsu Kaisen is filled with powerful sorcerers and unique techniques. One such sorcerer is Naobito Zenin, the 26th generation leader of the Zenin clan. With his Cursed Technique Naobito, he possesses a formidable power that not many can match.

Cursed Technique Naobito Zenin is renowned for its incredible speed, said to be on par with the legendary Gojo Satoru. Naobito himself is a Grade 1 Jujutsu sorcerer with a middle-aged appearance, white hair, and a distinguished mustache.

However, his journey has not been without sacrifices. During a battle with the fearsome Dagon, Naobito lost one of his arms, a testament to the dangers he faces in his line of duty.

The Cursed Technique Naobito Zenin grants him the ability to move unnoticed by others. With his mastery of this technique, Naobito can divide one second into 24 frames, or ‘frames’ as he refers to them. This concept of ’24FPS’ allows him to create special movements that can catch opponents off guard.


One of the primary uses of Naobito’s technique is his Projection Sorcery. This technique enables him to freeze targets within a one-second timeframe. If an opponent fails to perform the predetermined movement during this frozen period, they will be trapped in a 2D form, rendering them powerless.

While powerful, Naobito’s Cursed Technique does come with its vulnerabilities. Understanding the intricacies of his technique and not forgetting the 24FPS movement is essential to effectively countering it. However, there is one character who has proven to be capable of countering Naobito’s technique, though their identity remains unknown.

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Interestingly, Naobito’s son, Naoya Zenin, also wields Projection Sorcery, showcasing the hereditary nature of Jujutsu techniques within families. This further emphasizes the prestige and importance of lineage within the Jujutsu world.

To counter Naobito’s technique, physical strength and a high IQ are required. The unique and unknown nature of his Cursed Technique has garnered attention within the Jujutsu community, as sorcerers strive to uncover its secrets.

In conclusion, Naobito Zenin is a formidable sorcerer with the extraordinary Cursed Technique Naobito Zenin. By harnessing the power to divide one second into 24 frames, he can create special movements and freeze targets. However, his technique is not without weaknesses and can be countered by individuals with the right combination of physical strength and high intelligence. The hereditary nature of Jujutsu techniques is evident through the presence of Naobito’s son, Naoya Zenin. As the Jujutsu world continues to unravel the mysteries of Naobito’s unique technique, one thing is certain – his power is not to be taken lightly.

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