The Rivalry and Secret Alliances Among Trading Companies in Midgar Kingdom
The Rivalry and Secret Alliances Among Trading Companies in Midgar Kingdom

The Rivalry and Secret Alliances Among Trading Companies in Midgar Kingdom

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The trading industry in the Midgar Kingdom has been buzzing with competition, rivalry, and secret alliances among major trading companies. At the center of it all is Mitsugoshi, a company that has rapidly grown to dominate the market, much to the resentment of its rivals.

One of Mitsugoshi’s main challengers is the Aliansi Perusahaan Besar, an alliance led by Garter. Garter has taken charge of this alliance in an attempt to compete with the dominance of Mitsugoshi established by Seven Shadows. The Aliansi Perusahaan Besar is made up of various trading companies from the Midgar Kingdom, who have come together to stand against Mitsugoshi.

Mitsugoshi’s rise to dominance has provoked deep resentment among its competitors. They have even gone as far as establishing their own currency, prompting the Aliansi Pedagang Besar to imitate this move. The rivalry between Mitsugoshi and the Garter-led alliance has escalated to the point where they are engaging in a secret internal war against each other.

In this covert commercial war, the two big companies are constantly trying to outdo each other. They compete to monopolize the market by creating secret products and gaining advantages over their competitors. However, this rivalry extends beyond the two companies themselves. Shadow Garden, another player in the trading industry, operates behind the scenes to conceal their secretive relationship with Mitsugoshi and avoid public suspicion.

Desperate to sabotage Mitsugoshi, the Aliansi Perusahaan Besar hatches a plan to attack Mitsugoshi’s supply lines. They send their best mercenaries, known as the Clovers, to infiltrate Mitsugoshi and disrupt its operations. However, despite their best efforts, the mercenaries hired by the alliance prove to be no match for the forces of Shadow Garden.

Despite the ongoing rivalry and sabotage attempts, Mitsugoshi’s main source of income remains unaffected. Their urban trade continues to thrive, bringing in profits regardless of the challenges they face from their competitors. This only fuels the determination of the Aliansi Perusahaan Besar and their allies to find new ways to undermine Mitsugoshi.

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Little do the two big companies know, there is another player waiting to take advantage of their war. Perusahaan Rubah Salju, a company that has kept a low profile, patiently watches as the rivalry between Mitsugoshi and the Aliansi Perusahaan Besar intensifies. They position themselves strategically, ready to make their move and emerge as the largest company once the dust settles.

Within this complex web of rivalry and alliances, there are those who have knowledge of the covert commercial war. One such individual is Yukime, a leader and businessman outside the law. Shadow learns about the ongoing dispute through Yukime, and under the pretext of seeking revenge, they decide to help her. In reality, Shadow provides secret aid to Mitsugoshi, ensuring their victory in the economic dispute.

The Midgar Kingdom trading industry is a cutthroat world, with competition and secret alliances shaping its landscape. The rivalry between Mitsugoshi and the Aliansi Perusahaan Besar, combined with the involvement of Shadow Garden and the waiting game of Perusahaan Rubah Salju, creates a tense and exciting environment. As the war continues to unfold, only time will tell which trading company will come out on top.

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