Unleashing the Power: Boruto's New Technique Revealed in Epic Battle
Unleashing the Power: Boruto's New Technique Revealed in Epic Battle

Unleashing the Power: Boruto’s New Technique Revealed in Epic Battle

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In the latest chapter of the Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga, fans are treated to an epic battle between Boruto and Code. This intense showdown not only showcases Boruto’s incredible strength but also introduces a new technique that leaves readers in awe.

Key Points:

1. Boruto uses the Rasengan Uzuhiko against Code, a unique technique that creates an invisible Rasengan with powerful wind effects.

The fight between Boruto and Code reaches its climax when Boruto unveils his latest technique, the Rasengan Uzuhiko. This extraordinary move takes the Rasengan to a whole new level, harnessing powerful wind effects to create an invisible force. As Boruto charges towards Code, the air crackles with energy, leaving his opponent stunned.


2. Code is easily defeated by Boruto without the use of karma or help from others, showcasing Boruto’s strength after the timeskip.

To the surprise of everyone, including Code himself, Boruto manages to overpower his formidable adversary without relying on his karma or the assistance of his friends. This victory demonstrates just how much Boruto has grown and developed since the timeskip. His determination and unwavering resolve shine through as he stands victorious.

3. After defeating Code, Boruto negotiates with him to reveal the location of Juubi, leading to a confrontation with Kawaki and their friends.

With Code defeated, Boruto seizes the opportunity to extract vital information about the location of Juubi from him. However, this revelation sets the stage for a tense confrontation between Boruto, Kawaki, and their friends. As they embark on a mission to find Juubi, the stakes are raised, and alliances are tested.

4. Sarada examines the victims turned into trees by Tsumeaka and discovers that they are still alive.

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In the midst of the chaos surrounding the battle, Sarada takes it upon herself to investigate the disturbing fate of the victims transformed into trees by Tsumeaka. To her astonishment, she discovers that they are still alive, trapped within their wooden prisons. This revelation adds a new layer of urgency and complexity to their mission.

5. Boruto discovers the location of Juubi with the help of a frog attached to Code, seizing the opportunity to find it.

In a stroke of luck, Boruto stumbles upon a hidden clue to the location of Juubi. With the assistance of a frog mysteriously attached to Code, Boruto unravels the puzzle and sets off on a race against time. The chase begins as Boruto and his comrades dive deeper into the unknown, determined to prevent calamity.

Key Takeaway: The key takeaway from this manga article is the development of Boruto’s new technique, the Rasengan Uzuhiko, and his growing strength after the timeskip.

In conclusion, the latest chapter of the Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga delivers an exhilarating battle between Boruto and Code. Amidst the chaos and revelations, Boruto’s new technique, the Rasengan Uzuhiko, steals the spotlight. This powerful move not only highlights Boruto’s growth but also sets the stage for an intense journey in the search for Juubi. As the story unfolds, fans can’t help but anticipate the next thrilling chapter as Boruto and his allies face unimaginable challenges.

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