The Epic Showdown: Boruto vs. Kawaki - Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3
The Epic Showdown: Boruto vs. Kawaki - Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3

The Epic Showdown: Boruto vs. Kawaki – Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3

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In the latest installment of the Boruto manga, Chapter 3, titled Two Blue Vortex, readers are treated to an epic showdown between Boruto and Kawaki. This pivotal chapter brings together key figures such as Boruto, Kawaki, Code, and Shikamaru, driving the storyline forward and revealing new developments.

The chapter begins with an intense escape attempt by Code, who possesses the formidable Ten-Tails. However, his plans are quickly thwarted by Kawaki’s powerful doujutsu. This introductory sequence sets the stage for the main event – the meeting between Boruto and Kawaki.

As the chapter unfolds, Shikamaru suggests a strategic approach by focusing on Code’s remaining forces after his failed escape. Meanwhile, Boruto taps into his growing powers and successfully communicates with Katak Kuchiyose to determine the whereabouts of the elusive Ten-Tails.

The plot takes an unexpected turn when it is revealed that Code has been absorbing the Ten-Tails for the past three years. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing conflict and raises the stakes for Boruto and his allies.
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The climax of the chapter showcases Boruto’s impressive jutsu as he confronts Code head-on. With his extraordinary skills, Boruto appears to have defeated Code, leaving readers in suspense about the fate of the two toads that have been following Boruto.

Overall, Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3 delivers a thrilling chapter in the Boruto manga series. The meeting between Boruto and Kawaki serves as a significant focal point, while Code’s escape attempt and the revelation of the Ten-Tails add depth and tension to the narrative. Boruto’s display of power and the cliffhanger ending leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment.

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