Unleashing the Antagonist: Meet the Tensen of Jigokuraku Anime
Unleashing the Antagonist: Meet the Tensen of Jigokuraku Anime

Unleashing the Antagonist: Meet the Tensen of Jigokuraku Anime

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The Jigokuraku anime has finally revealed its primary antagonist, the Tensen. These seven immortal beings serve as the eternal rulers of Kotaku, and they are incredibly dangerous. Not only can the Tensen change their gender at will, but they also possess extraordinary regenerative powers. Due to the immortality elixir they consume, they are near impossible to kill. As the protagonists Gabimaru and his companions set out to defeat them, they face a massive challenge. However, the anime offers limited insight into their abilities and personalities. So who exactly are the Tensen of Jigokuraku? Let’s find out in this article.

1. Tensen-sama

According to Houko, Kotaku is the land of gods. These divinities are a group of beings that uniquely rule the entire island and reside in the deepest part of the island, the Horai region. The seven Tensens are perfect sages and do not age. Living in Kotaku, they cannot die either. They acquired immortality through different forms of training and the elixir of longevity. As evident from their introduction, the Tensen can change their gender at will. Notably, Junichi Suwabe (Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen) voiced the Yang aspect of each Tensen, while Yuuko Kaida (Isabella in The Promised Neverland) voiced the Ying aspect.

Each Tensen has a different temperament and personality. Currently, not much is known about each of them, and their names and pet names are revealed only by Senta, a character well-versed in theology, philosophy, religion, and the rhythms of religion throughout Kotaku. As sages or sennin, Tensen are beings that have risen to a high level of mastery on a specific path in Tao. After training for centuries, they gain special abilities such as regeneration and the ability to manipulate Tao. Consequently, they see themselves as superior creatures in the grand scheme of things.

2. The Seven Tensens

Jigokuraku borrows the concept of the Tensen from Chinese mythology, xian (or hsien), the immortal beings that transcend humans and have supernatural powers. Such individuals can endure extreme situations and possess a high level of wisdom or knowledge that enlightens them.


The anime has revealed three of the seven Tensen. The rest are yet to be exposed. Each Tensen’s name is related to the name of a flower. So who are they?

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– Ju Fa

One of the first Tensen to meet the protagonist sent to Shinsenkyou is Ju Fa, who has gold hair and eyes. He also goes by the nickname Akshobhya the Great Emperor or Ashuku Taitei. Ju Fa is the Mandarin name for chrysanthemum. In general, Ju Fa’s personality is rough and abrasive, and he always seems to be in a terrible mood. This attitude is driven by his hatred of the human race. Ju Fa is Tao Fa’s partner, and the two reflect each other like a mirror. The depth of their relationship is evident in Ju Fa’s protective attitude towards Tao Fa. Although each Tensen can change their gender, Ju Fa reveals that he prefers to stay in his Yang form. He has shown incredible physical abilities and fighting potential when he fought against the Bandit King, Choubei Aza.

– Tao Fa

Tao Fa is Ju Fa’s partner, and his nickname is Great Sennin Ratna or Ratna Taisei. Tao Fa is the Chinese pronunciation of Tao Hua, which means a peach blossom that blooms. Unlike Ju Fa, Tao Fa is extremely friendly, cheerful, and never shows emotions like anger. The provocative introduction of Tao Fa is due to his journey through Tao, using a path known as Bouchu Jutsu (The Art of Sleeping). Therefore, Tao Fa is characterized as a seductive and sexually charged member of Tensen. He is interested in any intimacy issue, no matter how small.

In conclusion, the Tensen of Jigokuraku anime are fascinating characters that pose a great challenge to the protagonists. With their immense powers and unique personalities, the audience can look forward to a thrilling showdown between the Tensen and the protagonists.

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