Robin's Anger at Luffy's Thoughtless Communication with Gorosei in One Piece Chapter 1090
Robin's Anger at Luffy's Thoughtless Communication with Gorosei in One Piece Chapter 1090

Robin’s Anger at Luffy’s Thoughtless Communication with Gorosei in One Piece Chapter 1090

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In Chapter 1090 of the One Piece anime, an unexpected turn of events unfolds as Robin expresses her anger towards Luffy for his thoughtless act of revealing information to Gorosei. This incident not only triggers a conflict between Robin and Luffy but also raises concerns within the Straw Hat crew and hints at a possible plot twist involving Devon disguised as Robin.

Robin, the senior member of the Straw Hat crew, is known for her calm and collected demeanor. However, in this rare occurrence, she is seen visibly upset and disappointed with Luffy’s actions. She believes that his decision to communicate with Gorosei without careful consideration was foolish and potentially detrimental.

Even Usopp, another crew member, shares Robin’s sentiments. He also criticizes Luffy for his impulsive behavior and the use of Den Den Mushi to contact Gorosei. It is clear that both Robin and Usopp feel strongly about the consequences of Luffy’s thoughtless communication.

The incident takes place on Egghead Island, where a negotiation between Robin and Gorosei unfolds. This encounter reveals Gorosei as the enemies of the Straw Hat crew, further intensifying Robin’s anger towards Luffy. The article highlights the possibility of a rift within the crew due to Luffy’s actions, emphasizing the need for careful consideration before taking action.

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Luffy, being a Yonkou at a young age, is considered normal by Robin. However, his impulsive actions in this particular situation have caused a stir among his crew members, particularly Robin and Usopp. The article raises questions about whether Luffy’s communication with Gorosei was too reckless, considering the potential consequences.

Interestingly, the story suggests the possibility of a plot twist related to Robin. It mentions that Devon might be disguised as Robin in Chapter 1090. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to the unfolding events and leaves the readers intrigued about what might happen next.

In conclusion, Luffy’s thoughtless communication with Gorosei in One Piece Chapter 1090 causes Robin’s anger and raises concerns within the Straw Hat crew. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of thinking before acting and the potential consequences of recklessness. As the story unfolds, readers are left eagerly anticipating the resolution of the conflict and the possible plot twist involving Robin and Devon.

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