Unleashing Devastating Power: One Piece 1092 Reveals Bartholomew Kuma and Akainu's Techniques
Unleashing Devastating Power: One Piece 1092 Reveals Bartholomew Kuma and Akainu's Techniques

Unleashing Devastating Power: One Piece 1092 Reveals Bartholomew Kuma and Akainu’s Techniques

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One Piece 1092 showcases an intense showdown between two formidable characters, Bartholomew Kuma and Akainu. This chapter, titled ‘Tyrant Attacking Holy Land Incident,’ delivers excitement and reveals the immense power of their respective techniques. Let’s dive into the thrilling details and explore the impact of Ursus Shock and Meigou.


Ursus Shock, utilized by Bartholomew Kuma, takes center stage in this chapter. Kuma employs this technique at Mariejois, using it to defeat the guards and even injure some Tenryuubito. This attack involves Kuma compressing air into a massive bubble-shaped like a bear claw, which he then releases as a devastating explosion. The destructive capabilities of Ursus Shock are well-known, as it has caused massive destruction on Thriller Bark and Marineford in the past.

Notably, Kuma possesses control over the direction of Ursus Shock’s attack. This ability adds versatility and strategic value to his technique, making it a formidable force to reckon with. By manipulating the direction of the explosion, Kuma can effectively target his enemies and unleash chaos upon them.

On the other side of the battlefield, Akainu, known for his ferocity, demonstrates the Meigou technique. Meigou proves to be a lethal move, as it was previously used by Akainu to severely injure Whitebeard with a single strike. With this technique, Akainu transforms his hand into magma, resulting in a powerful claw thrust. The contact of his attack not only inflicts external damage but also burns the target from within, causing severe internal injuries.

In One Piece 1092, Akainu confronts Kuma, questioning his presence at the Holy Land. Their clash intensifies as Akainu employs Meigou against Kuma. The impact of Meigou is evident as it melts a part of Kuma’s face, potentially causing further damage to his leg. This confrontation marks a pivotal moment in the chapter, revealing the depth of Akainu’s power.

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Fans of One Piece can revel in the thrilling events of chapter 1092. However, it is important to note that this article contains spoilers for those who have not yet read it. To enjoy the full experience of the chapter, readers can find the manga available to read in Indonesian on Mangaplus.

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In conclusion, One Piece 1092 delivers a captivating showcase of Bartholomew Kuma’s Ursus Shock and Akainu’s Meigou techniques. Both techniques unleash devastating power, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The clash between these two characters adds another layer of excitement to the story, keeping readers eagerly turning the pages. As the battle unfolds, the true extent of their abilities is revealed, captivating fans and leaving them longing for the next chapter.

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