Unleashing Coby's Power: The Honesty Impact Technique in One Piece
Unleashing Coby's Power: The Honesty Impact Technique in One Piece

Unleashing Coby’s Power: The Honesty Impact Technique in One Piece

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When it comes to the world of One Piece, Coby is a character who possesses a powerful ability called Honesty Impact. This technique was recently showcased in chapter 1088, where Coby unleashes his formidable power, resembling the Impact Garb technique. With a single punch, Coby destroys a giant hand created by the devil fruit Avalo Pizzaro.

However, the strength of the Honesty Impact technique goes beyond just physical power. It derives its true power from the honesty that Coby developed during his rigorous training in the navy. This display of the Honesty Impact seems to be the first time Coby has publicly demonstrated it.

As Coby unveils his newfound strength, his loyal companion Helmeppo is shocked by the display of power. However, for Helmeppo, this is not surprising. He has witnessed Coby’s dedication and hard work throughout their journey in the Marine. Coby’s determination and effort have truly paid off, allowing him to inherit the powerful punch of Garp.

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Now, let’s delve into a theory about the power and purpose behind Coby’s Honesty Impact technique. This theory is based on spoilers and various sources, providing an insightful perspective on Coby’s development.


In conclusion, the key takeaway from this article is the remarkable development of Coby’s Honesty Impact technique. Through sheer diligence and determination, Coby has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of One Piece. His honesty and unwavering dedication during his training have paved the way for his formidable power. This article aims to provide entertainment for fans of the series and does not intend to alter the original One Piece story.

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