Unleash Limitless Power in Metal Slug: Awakening with Uji Tanpa Batas and Weapon Awakening
Unleash Limitless Power in Metal Slug: Awakening with Uji Tanpa Batas and Weapon Awakening

Unleash Limitless Power in Metal Slug: Awakening with Uji Tanpa Batas and Weapon Awakening

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Metal Slug: Awakening is an exhilarating multiplayer game that offers players a plethora of exciting features and thrilling updates. With the latest update, players can now dive into the new Uji Tanpa Batas challenge and experience the innovative Weapon Awakening system. Get ready to face epic boss battles, earn incredible rewards, and enhance your weapons to reach new heights!

Uji Tanpa Batas, meaning ‘Unlimited Trials’ in Indonesian, presents players with the ultimate challenge in Metal Slug: Awakening. This weekly boss battle allows gamers to test their skills against formidable foes. The best part? The difficulty level can be adjusted to suit each player’s preferences. Whether you’re a battle-hardened veteran or a rookie in search of a challenge, Uji Tanpa Batas has something for everyone.

By conquering Uji Tanpa Batas, players can earn both Achievement rewards and Rank rewards. The rewards are based on the difficulty level chosen and completed. So, the higher the difficulty, the greater the rewards! It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills and earn valuable treasures to enhance your gaming experience.

Professions play a crucial role in Metal Slug: Awakening. These additional bonuses contribute to the strength of your player squad. The best part? Professions can be reset and chosen according to your squad, giving you the flexibility to strategize and optimize your gameplay. Experiment with different combinations and find the perfect balance for your squad’s success!


The Weapon Awakening system in Metal Slug: Awakening is a game-changer. By awakening your weapons, you unlock a whole new level of power. With improved stats and powerful buffs, your weapons become even deadlier in the battlefield. So, how does one awaken their weapons? It’s simple! Collect Awakening Fragments from various in-game events and combine them with a Blueprint to awaken your desired weapon. Prepare to witness your weapon’s true potential!

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Awakening a weapon grants a plethora of enhancements. From improved stats and firepower to a stunning new appearance and unique buffs, the possibilities are endless. Unleash devastating attacks, deal massive damage, and dominate the battlefield with your awakened weapon. It’s a game-changer that takes your gaming experience to unparalleled heights!

Collecting Awakening Fragments is key to the Weapon Awakening system. You can obtain them through in-game events or exchange them with Jin’s Requests in the Shop. Keep an eye out for these rare fragments to unlock the true power of your weapons and leave your enemies trembling in fear.

To access the latest update and enjoy the Uji Tanpa Batas challenge and the Weapon Awakening system, players need to download or update Metal Slug: Awakening. Ensure you have the latest version to embark on these thrilling adventures and make the most of the incredible features and updates that await!

In conclusion, Metal Slug: Awakening offers an immersive multiplayer gaming experience with exciting challenges and rewarding enhancements. Dive into the Uji Tanpa Batas challenge and test your mettle against epic boss battles. Earn incredible rewards and uncover the true potential of your weapons with the Weapon Awakening system. Download or update Metal Slug: Awakening now and unleash limitless power in this adrenaline-pumping game!

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