Unforgettable First Love: A Review of C-Drama Love Scenery
Unforgettable First Love: A Review of C-Drama Love Scenery

Unforgettable First Love: A Review of C-Drama Love Scenery

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Love Scenery is a popular Chinese drama that tells the enchanting story of Lu Jing, a handsome and brilliant university student, who secretly harbors feelings for Liang Chen, a beautiful singer. The drama explores the themes of first love, personal growth, and pursuing one’s dreams.

The storyline of Love Scenery initially revolves around Lu Jing’s hidden love for Liang Chen, which he nurtures while helping her improve her gaming skills. The romance between them blossoms as their relationship develops through their shared passion for gaming. Their bond grows stronger as they provide each other with support and encouragement.

However, Liang Chen’s journey as a singer is not without its share of challenges. Throughout her career, she faces ups and downs, but she is supported by her loyal friend Ma Shan Shan. Together, they navigate the complexities of the music industry and strive to make Liang Chen’s dreams come true.

As the drama progresses, tension arises when Liang Chen discovers Lu Jing’s plan to study abroad. This revelation puts a strain on their relationship, challenging their love for each other. The audience is left wondering if their love can withstand this obstacle and whether they will find a way to overcome it.


Eventually, Liang Chen and Lu Jing’s relationship is publicly announced, taking their love to the next level. The couple introduces each other to their families, bringing them even closer as they navigate the complexities of family dynamics.

Although Love Scenery starts off strong with its unique premise of a romance developed through gaming, the storyline becomes less focused in the later episodes. It deviates from its initial premise, and the conflicts and plot twists become less compelling. The characters’ storylines become predictable, and the potential source of tension, Ding Jia Yun’s character, is underutilized in the plot.

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Love Scenery is an adaptation of Qiao Yao’s novel titled ‘Ming Qiang Yi Duo, An Jian Nan Fang.’ This C-drama has garnered a high rating of 8.4 on My Drama List, indicating its popularity among C-Drama lovers.

Directed by Zoe Qin, Love Scenery stars Xu Lu as Lu Jing and Lin Yi as Liang Chen. The chemistry between the two leads adds depth to their characters and captivates the audience.

One of the highlights of Love Scenery is the visually appealing game scenes that immerse viewers into the gaming world. The drama also features a beautiful snowy confession scene that tugs at the heartstrings of the audience.

In conclusion, Love Scenery is a captivating C-drama that explores the power of first love, personal growth, and the pursuit of dreams. While the later episodes may lack the same intensity as the beginning, the strong performances by Xu Lu and Lin Yi keep viewers engaged. If you enjoy romantic comedies with a touch of music and gaming, Love Scenery is definitely worth a watch.

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