Battle of Boruto vs Code: A New Technique Emerges
Battle of Boruto vs Code: A New Technique Emerges

Battle of Boruto vs Code: A New Technique Emerges

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The battle between Boruto and Code intensifies in Chapter 3 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex. Boruto, determined to defeat Code and find Ekor Sepuluh, approaches him with a powerful new technique. This technique catches Code off guard, as he tries to stop Boruto using his Claw Marks but fails. It becomes clear that Boruto is not an easy opponent to handle.

As the fight progresses, Rasengan Uzuhiko starts circling Code’s arm, indicating the impending danger he is facing. But even faced with potential harm, Code remains defiant and continues to attack Boruto relentlessly. However, none of his attacks land, as Boruto’s agility and speed allow him to dodge every strike thrown his way.

In a decisive moment, Boruto strikes Code with his Rasengan: Uzuhiko. This jutsu, unlike anything seen before, uses chakra equivalent to a ‘star’ rotation, making it exceptionally powerful. The impact of the attack leaves Code reeling and severely weakened. It’s a clear demonstration of Boruto’s growing strength.

The battle takes another turn when Kawaki joins the scene, preventing Code from escaping. With both Boruto and Kawaki united against him, Code finds himself trapped and unable to flee.

But Code is not one to give up easily. He manages to escape using one of his Claw Grimes, leaving Boruto and Kawaki with no choice but to change their strategy. Shikamaru suggests focusing on the remaining Claw Grimes, knowing that taking them out will limit Code’s options for escape.

In the midst of the chaos, Kawaki expresses his desire to confront Boruto again after three years. This revelation adds another layer of tension to the battle, as the two former comrades-turned-rivals face off once more.

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Meanwhile, Boruto reveals his secret plan. He has planted a frog inside Code’s body as a tracking method. Through his unique ability to communicate with the frog, Boruto hopes to locate Ekor Sepuluh, their ultimate target.

However, their hopes are dashed when they discover that Code has drained all the chakra from Ekor Sepuluh. The situation becomes more dire as Boruto realizes that time is running out to find Code after three long years of searching.

The battle between Boruto and Code reaches its climax as the two fierce rivals stand face to face. Boruto, fueled by determination and the desire to protect those he cares for, unleashes his full power. Will he finally be able to defeat Code and bring an end to this long-standing conflict?

As the story unfolds, the intensity of the battle, the introduction of new techniques, and the complex dynamics between the characters captivate readers. Boruto: Two Blue Vortex continues to deliver thrilling action and compelling narrative, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter of this epic saga.

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