Uncovering the Powers and Abilities of Jewelry Bonney in One Piece Chapter 1084
Uncovering the Powers and Abilities of Jewelry Bonney in One Piece Chapter 1084

Uncovering the Powers and Abilities of Jewelry Bonney in One Piece Chapter 1084

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Jewelry Bonney is one of the most powerful captains of pirates in One Piece, known for her exceptional skills and capabilities. In One Piece Chapter 1084, Eiichiro Oda showcased Jewelry Bonney and her strength as she broke into Mary Geoise, the Holy Land, alongside Sabo, the Chief of Staff for the Revolutionary Army. The duo’s purpose was to save Bartholomew Kuma, and they managed to infiltrate the seemingly unbreakable stronghold, which is impressive.

Jewelry Bonney possesses great powers and abilities that earned her a bounty of 140,000,000 berries before the timeskip, while her value increased to a whopping 320,000,000 berries after it. Besides being the captain of a crew of pirates, she has full authority over her team and is known as one of the Worst Generation, which speaks volumes about her capabilities.

According to One Piece Fandom, Jewelry Bonney is a skilled infiltrator and a master of stealth, thievery, acting and mind-games, thanks to her Devil Fruit ability. She is a highly skilled escape artist, having successfully evaded government capture twice. Furthermore, she showcased her expertise through her ability to infiltrate Mary Geoise, masquerading as one of the Levely participants.

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Jewelry Bonney and Sabo, her cohort during the infiltration of Mary Geoise, had a brief interaction in One Piece Chapter 1084. Sabo is known for his exceptional martial arts skills and his proficiency in employing various weapons, and his presence alongside Jewelry Bonney speaks to her strength in terms of combat.


In summary, Jewelry Bonney is a formidable pirate with impressive skills and abilities that make her one of the most feared and respected members of the Worst Generation. Her infiltration skills, combined with her Devil Fruit powers and her ability to control and lead her crew, make her a fantastic character to look out for in future One Piece chapters.

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