Revealed: The Identity of Luffy’s Mother in One Piece Chapter 1084
Revealed: The Identity of Luffy’s Mother in One Piece Chapter 1084

Revealed: The Identity of Luffy’s Mother in One Piece Chapter 1084

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Finally, after waiting for 25 years, Eiichiro Oda is set to reveal the identity of Luffy’s mother in One Piece Chapter 1084. The mother of the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates has finally made her appearance after Monkey D Luffy was brought to the brink of death by Gorosei and Kizaru. Surprisingly, the Yonko’s mother was recognized by Gorosei Saturn.

As it turns out, Luffy’s mother is one of the members of the Holy Knights. Her appearance is crucial in the story, given the uncertain fate of Luffy at Egghead following the buster call’s attack. Luffy, who is still recovering from his fight with Rob Lucci, is predicted to be defenseless against Gorosei, who is one of the strongest individuals in the world government. Gorosei and Kizaru intend to eliminate the re-incarnation Joy Boy, and they plan to use their best abilities to do so.

Without a strong individual coming to Luffy’s rescue, the One Piece series would likely come to an end. Unfortunately, Luffy’s crewmates cannot do much to defend him from the Seraphim, whose power is incomprehensible. However, his mother is expected to be a powerful ally.

Eiichiro Oda confirmed that Luffy’s mother is still alive and will play a significant role in the story. Oda also confirmed that Luffy’s mother is a tough woman with amazing abilities. She passed down her physical strength to her son.
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There was a theory that Luffy’s mother was part of the Tenryuubito, considering that Dragon was once involved with the military of the world government. However, Holy Knight’s introduction in One Piece Chapter 1083 suggests that Luffy’s mother is part of that group. Dragon, who was a former member of the Holy Knights, became disenchanted with the world government’s tyranny and founded the Revolution Army. During his time in the Holy Knights, he met Luffy’s mother.

Despite being an Im Sama loyalist and a member of the Holy Knights, Luffy’s mother’s love for her son will make her do anything to save him. Until now, she has not interfered because she assumes that Garp and Dragon can protect him. Moreover, she is required to distance herself from all social connections, given her status as a Holy Knight member.

In conclusion, the revelation of Luffy’s mother’s identity has created excitement among One Piece fans. Her entry into the story indicates that there are more interesting developments as the story unfolds. Fans are eagerly waiting for One Piece Chapter 1084 to confirm these speculations.

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