Uncover Dark Secrets in Kejora: A Local Puzzle-Platformer Game
Uncover Dark Secrets in Kejora: A Local Puzzle-Platformer Game

Uncover Dark Secrets in Kejora: A Local Puzzle-Platformer Game

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Local game development in Pekalongan, Indonesia has recently reached a significant milestone with the release of the Kejora demo on Steam. Developed by Berangin Creative, Kejora is a unique hand-drawn puzzle-platformer that takes players on a thrilling journey filled with terrifying supernatural creatures.

Initially, Kejora started as a Run n Gun game inspired by the popular game Cuphead. However, the development team, led by Yarfai Azami and Bagaskara Firdaus, faced negative feedback and decided to make significant changes to the game’s genre and storyline.

The team shifted the focus of Kejora to a narrative puzzle game and joined the Indigo Game Startup Incubation (IGSI) program. This decision proved to be instrumental in the game’s transformation, as it allowed the team to receive guidance, support, and mentorship from experienced industry professionals.

From the initial concept to its current stage of development, Kejora experienced numerous changes in theme, story, and environment. What was once a Run n Gun game inspired by Cuphead is now a captivating hand-drawn puzzle-platformer with a unique visual style.


Berangin Creative’s team grew from three members to nine during the development process, reflecting the dedication and passion they have poured into creating Kejora. This growth in team size allowed for a more robust and polished game, ensuring players have an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Kejora showcases not only the talent and creativity of Berangin Creative but also highlights the progress and growth of the local game development industry. The release of the demo on Steam is an important milestone for both the studio and the entire Indonesian game development scene.

The game’s visual style is one of its standout features. With hand-drawn animations, Kejora brings to life a hauntingly beautiful world filled with eerie landscapes and supernatural creatures. The attention to detail and the care put into the artwork make the game visually stunning and captivating.

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As players dive into Kejora’s immersive world, they will embark on a journey to unravel dark secrets hidden within a seemingly peaceful village. The game combines elements of storytelling and puzzle-solving, creating an engaging and thought-provoking gameplay experience.

Berangin Creative faced several challenges during Kejora’s development. However, with the support and guidance from the Indigo Game Startup Incubation program, they overcame these obstacles and transformed the game into what it is today.

The release of Kejora’s demo on Steam marks an exciting chapter in the local game development industry. It is a testament to the talent and potential that exists in Indonesia’s gaming community. It also serves as an inspiration for aspiring game developers to pursue their dreams and create captivating experiences for players worldwide.

In conclusion, Kejora is a local puzzle-platformer game that has undergone significant changes and improvements throughout its development process. With its unique visual style, captivating storyline, and hand-drawn animations, the game promises to deliver an immersive and thrilling experience. The release of the demo on Steam is an important milestone, showcasing the growth and progress of the local game development industry. As players uncover dark secrets in the peaceful village of Kejora, they will not only enjoy a captivating gameplay experience but also support and acknowledge the efforts of the talented team at Berangin Creative.

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