Ultimate Punch: Luffy's New Technique in One Piece
Ultimate Punch: Luffy's New Technique in One Piece

Ultimate Punch: Luffy’s New Technique in One Piece

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One Piece fans are excited as Eiichiro Oda teased a new technique for Luffy in the Final Saga of the anime. Known as the “Galaxy Impact,” Monkey D. Garp’s special move has caught the attention of many viewers. In some recent leaks, Eiichiro Oda revealed that Luffy will inherit the technique, and will combine it with “Bajrang Gun” to fight Kaido in Wano. The combination of these two techniques will be called “Ultimate Punch” in the anime series.

While both Bajrang Gun and Galaxy Impact might seem like ordinary punches to the untrained eye, they possess enormous power when combined with external sources. In chapter 1080, Luffy’s grandfather, Garp, used his Haki to enhance the Galaxy Impact, which created a black aura around the attack. Similarly, Luffy’s Bajrang Gun gains power from the Devil Fruit, and gear 5 elevates its strength.

The Ultimate Punch will likely be Luffy’s deadliest technique, capable of taking down anyone. According to discussions on Reddit, the technique will probably be used when Luffy fights Kurohige or Akainu since both have been set up to be arch-rivals. However, no official announcement has been made yet by the anime creators.

Apart from Ultimate Punch, there are several other powerful techniques in One Piece, including Hakai, Shima Yurashi, Tapak Buddha, Hakoku, and Kamusari. Hakai is a combination technique of Big Mom and Kaido that creates a massive shockwave that can destroy everything. Shima Yurashi allows Whitebeard to tilt the land and sea, creating massive earthquakes and distortions of space and air.

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Tapak Buddha is a technique used by Sengoku, where he transforms into a massive Buddha and creates shockwaves to attack his opponents. Hakoku is similar to Hakai and requires two sources of power to trigger a destructive shockwave. Kamusari, used by Gol D. Roger, combines sword fighting with Haoshoku Haki, creating powerful attacks that can even slice through steel.

In conclusion, the new “Ultimate Punch” technique in One Piece has raised the excitement of fans as Luffy prepares for the Final Saga to fight against his toughest enemies. The combination of Bajrang Gun and Galaxy Impact promises to be a formidable technique and has the potential to become one of the most powerful moves in the anime’s history.

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