The Last Boss for Roronoa Zoro Revealed in One Piece
The Last Boss for Roronoa Zoro Revealed in One Piece

The Last Boss for Roronoa Zoro Revealed in One Piece

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Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, finally revealed who the last boss for Roronoa Zoro will be in the Final Saga. It’s not Dracule Mihawk, whom fans thought Zoro would face in the final duel as the greatest swordsman in the universe. Instead, Zoro will face one of the Gorosei members, who are also experts in sword fighting. But this duel is not just to determine who the real sword master is or to help Luffy as Zoro’s teammate, but because Saint D’Roberto Mars, a member of Gorosei, killed Roronoa Arashi, Zoro’s father.

Fans were surprised with this revelation, as they expected Zoro’s final boss to be Dracule Mihawk, whom Zoro is obsessed with defeating. But Eiichiro Oda had a different plan and claimed that Zoro’s last duel would be against Gorosei Mars or Saint D’Roberto Mars. The duel is based on revenge to avenge Zoro’s father’s death.

According to Oda’s clues, the arc before the Final Saga will feature epic duels, including Shanks vs Luffy, Akainu vs Garp, and Mihawk vs Zoro. But the last boss in Zoro’s adventure is not Mihawk, but Gorosei Mars. It’s acceptable because it would be anticlimactic if Zoro’s father’s murderer is killed by another character.

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Zoro’s character will also develop in the Final Saga. Oda revealed that Zoro will awaken a terrifying power, where he will be able to combine seven sword techniques and awaken one unbeatable sword technique. Zoro will inherit Roronoa Arashi’s cultivation legacy from the book passed down from his ancestors.

As for Saint D’Roberto Mars, he is a Gorosei member who resembles Mahatma Gandhi in real life and is the only member who does not wear the traditional black suit. He is known as the invisible God of the sword and is believed to be the second strongest member of Gorosei.

In conclusion, Eiichiro Oda’s plot twist in One Piece won’t make the manga’s ending dull. Fans can follow the carefully crafted storyline. Zoro’s revenge for his father’s death will drive him to face the invisible God of the sword, Saint D’Roberto Mars.

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