Two Unworthy Characters of My Hero Academia
Two Unworthy Characters of My Hero Academia

Two Unworthy Characters of My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia is an anime series with a unique concept of heroes that seems to deviate from morality. The heroes are selected based on their strength and speed in completing rescue missions, rather than their personality and character. Furthermore, they are paid by the government, making heroism just like any other job. At least, some of the heroes in the series have bad attitudes and arrogance, which do not reflect the moral character of a hero. In this article, we will discuss two of them, Endeavor and Bakugo Katsuki, who are not fit to be heroes.

1. Endeavor

Endeavor is one of the most recognized heroes in the society. He even holds the title of number 2 hero before All Might retires. However, despite his reputation, he has an arrogant and selfish personality. He has a great ambition to surpass the image of All Might, thereby committing several unjust ways in administering justice. He even insults All Might fans.

Endeavor’s most negative character trait is his marriage to his wife, which is based only on the desire to have children with unique abilities, commonly called a quirk marriage. He then gets Shoto Todoraki, who has half-ice and half-fire powers. Ice manipulation is inherited from his mother, while fire manipulation comes from his father. To achieve his personal goal of defeating All Might, he utilizes his own son, training him as hard as possible. Endeavor never takes into account his child’s feelings and pain of enduring his fire powers, leading Shoto to feel disgusted by his father. Endeavor’s attitudes do not reflect that of a true hero.

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2. Bakugo Katsuki

Bakugo Katsuki is a student of UA Hero Academy who has outstanding potentials as a hero. However, he is one of the worst candidates to become a professional hero. He is rude, temperamental, and always prioritizes his own ego. Due to his personality, he was once kidnapped and offered the opportunity to become a villain.

Furthermore, the main goal of Bakugo is very different from what a hero should have. From the beginning, he openly declares that he wants to surpass All Might in terms of fame and wealth. He does not possess a genuine heart to become a hero, and such a goal is detrimental to his motivation for becoming a hero. Bakugo’s character displays arrogance and lack of virtue.

In conclusion, My Hero Academia introduces us to various heroes with unique and diverse characters. However, some of them have negative traits that contradict their position as heroes. Endeavor and Bakugo Katsuki are two characters who possess unheroic character traits and do not deserve to be regarded as real heroes.

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