Total War: Pharaoh - Immerse Yourself in the Tumultuous Events of Ancient Egypt
Total War: Pharaoh - Immerse Yourself in the Tumultuous Events of Ancient Egypt

Total War: Pharaoh – Immerse Yourself in the Tumultuous Events of Ancient Egypt

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Total War: Pharaoh is the highly anticipated upcoming installment in the renowned Total War strategy game franchise. Set in the captivating world of Ancient Egypt during the tumultuous events of the New Kingdom, players will have the opportunity to determine the fate of three major civilizations – Egypt, Hittites, and Canaan.

Experience the Collapse of the Bronze Age

In Total War: Pharaoh, players will find themselves amidst the collapse of the Bronze Age. The game offers a stunning and historically accurate representation of Ancient Egypt, allowing players to witness the death of Pharaoh Merneptah and the crucial moments that defined civilizations. As players prepare their people for war, they must navigate through the chaos and uncertainty, making critical decisions that will shape the destiny of their civilization.

Unique Combination of Turn-Based Campaign and Real-Time Battles

Total War: Pharaoh excels at providing players with a dynamic and immersive gaming experience through its unique combination of turn-based open-world campaign management and intense real-time tactical battles. Whether you prefer strategic thinking or engaging in tactical warfare, this game caters to all play styles.

Minimum and Recommended System Requirements

To fully enjoy the game, it’s important to ensure that your system meets the requirements. The minimum system requirements for Total War: Pharaoh include Windows 10 64-Bit, Intel i3-2100 or AMD FX-4300 processor, 6GB of memory, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD R9 270 graphics, DirectX version 11, and 50GB of available storage space. For optimal performance, the recommended system requirements include Windows 10 64-Bit, Intel i5-6600 or Ryzen 5 2600X processor, 8GB of memory, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or AMD RX 480 graphics, DirectX version 11, and 50GB of available storage space.

Diverse Gameplay and Customization Features

Total War: Pharaoh offers a myriad of gameplay options, allowing players to choose their preferred playstyle. Whether you excel as a strategist, commander, or warlord, you have the opportunity to lead one of the three unique Bronze Age cultures – Egypt, Hittites, or Canaan. Engage in diplomacy, command great armies, or dominate the battlefield with your fearless leadership. The choice is yours.

As you expand your kingdom in the campaign map, spanning cultural centers in Egypt, Canaan, and Anatolia, you can prove your legitimacy as a Pharaoh or Great King. Additionally, Total War: Pharaoh introduces new customization features that add depth to the game. You can customize campaigns with randomized starting positions for all factions, manipulate natural disasters, adjust resource settings, and much more.

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Dynamic Weather Effects and Loyalty to Gods

Total War: Pharaoh takes realism to the next level by incorporating dynamic weather effects into battles. Heavy rain and sandstorms can directly impact the battlefield, adding an extra layer of strategic depth. Aside from battling the elements, players can pledge loyalty to the nineteen gods of the ancient world, each associated with different cultures. By showing proper respect and devotion, players can gain gameplay bonuses.

Embark on Epic Adventures and Pre-Order Bonuses

Total War: Pharaoh offers a vast array of epic adventures for players to undertake. Imitate the great acts of Pharaoh, customizing your bodyguards, conducting grand sieges, battling mysterious Sea Peoples, and manipulating courts are just a few examples of the experiences that await you.

For those who can’t wait to embark on this thrilling journey, pre-ordering Total War: Pharaoh comes with its own set of bonuses. These include participation in the Early Access Weekend, Avatar of the Gods Cosmetic Pack, and Heart of the Shardana Cosmetic Pack. The Early Access Weekend allows players to explore the stunning world of Ancient Egypt, leading Ramesses and Irsu in a strategic gameplay campaign with unlimited replayability.


Total War: Pharaoh is the ultimate strategy game set in Ancient Egypt. With its immersive historical setting, diverse gameplay options, and extensive customization features, it offers a captivating gaming experience like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned Total War player or new to the franchise, Total War: Pharaoh is sure to leave you craving more. Get ready to immerse yourself in the tumultuous events of Ancient Egypt and dictate the fate of civilizations.

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