Top 8 Richest Villains in Popular Anime Series
Top 8 Richest Villains in Popular Anime Series

Top 8 Richest Villains in Popular Anime Series

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In general, villains in anime get their power from the same source as the heroes who become their enemies. These villains have physical strength, supernatural potential, or a desire to act more drastically than the heroes. This helps distinguish them from the main characters and builds their credibility. However, the power of these villains does not always come from within themselves. Some of these villains also have external capital to carry out their criminal activities. Their wealth has become a powerful weapon to survive. From inheriting a royal throne to owning a large business, the abundance of wealth these villains possess allows them to continually challenge heroes with minimal risk to themselves. It also means that they are harder to confront because of the defense they can afford. Who are the richest villains in anime? According to CBR, here is the list!

8. Gato — Naruto

Photo: Narutopedia

Gato is the richest villain in Naruto. The criminal mastermind from Nami no Kuni hired Zabuza to prevent the bridge builder from completing his mission. When that failed, Gato hired a whole squad of mercenaries with the hope of defeating the shinobi when they were exhausted. However, his plan did not go smoothly. With his overwhelming wealth, Gato bought quantity over quality. That is why Zabuza had no difficulty killing Gato’s new mercenaries and former boss himself.

7. Sugou Nobuyuki — Sword Art Online

Photo: Sword Art Online

Sugou is the most dangerous villain in Sword Art Online. He is a wealthy businessman. Sugou bought the machine being developed by Aincard when designing his own MMO, Afheim. Sugou’s extensive resources make him an attractive prospect for Asuna’s parents. They did not know his evil nature or what he did to their daughter in the virtual world. Sugou’s long scheme was later revealed as a way for him to subtly modify his victims’ brains. If his experiment succeeded, then they would pay a high interest.

6. Re-Destro — My Hero Academia

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Re-Destro is the wealthy supporter of the Paranormal Liberation Front in My Hero Academia. He gathered his wealth by selling special equipment that accommodates certain Quirk users. Ironically, pro-heroes are one of his most popular clients before he met Tomura Shigaraki. Re-Destro’s wealth enabled Tomura to supply his team members with comfortable beds and warm food. He could even provide doctors to help treat their injuries before the sudden invasion of the heroes. This also helps increase the substance of his messages.

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5. Donquixote Doflamingo — One Piece

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Many factors contributed to Doflamingo’s wealth in One Piece. Not only was he a former Celestial Dragon, but he also ran a promising supply chain between Punk Hazard and Wano. His partnership with Kaido was clearly beneficial and helped restore his past glory. Most importantly, Doflamingo was the exclusive ruler of Dressrosa for more than 10 years. Therefore, he also directly benefited from the taxes paid by the residents of that place. With the consideration that his neighbor disappears every day, no one dared to challenge him until Luffy arrived.

4. Emperor — Akame ga Kill!

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Although he is still a child, Emperor in Akame ga Kill! is very wealthy. In addition to inheriting an unimaginable legacy, he also financed brutal missions that expanded his resources. Almost none of the royal treasury was used to care for his people. That means he hoards what is paid to him through taxes. The Emperor’s wealth was largely due to the advice of Minister Honest. His strategy is effective for the short term. However, this strategy created too many enemies that Emperor had to face.

3. Ragyo — Kill la Kill

Photo: Kill la Kill Wiki – Fandom

Final thoughts:

These villains use their wealth to increase their crime and defeat the heroes. They have resources that can help them to fight without fear of any consequences. These villains prove that wealth can be a potent weapon for evil if they use it for their benefit.

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