One Piece Manga 1082: Sabo Returns with Important Information
One Piece Manga 1082: Sabo Returns with Important Information

One Piece Manga 1082: Sabo Returns with Important Information

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In the latest chapter of One Piece manga 1082, Sabo returns from Lulusia Island with crucial information that will reveal the truth. As the story continues, we see the fate of Sabo after being attacked by Im Sama. The cover of this chapter shows Chopper mistaking Zeus for cotton candy and trying to eat it.

The chapter begins with the announcement of T-Bone’s death. He was killed by a citizen who wanted the reward offered by Corss Guild. Sengoku and Tsuru discuss this news and Cross Guild’s resurgence, and Hina comes and talks to them. Sengoku asks Hina about Garp’s whereabouts, to which she replies that Garp has gone to save Coby. Sengoku is surprised by this news.

Scene then shifts to Buggy, who is sending money to the person who killed T-Bone. The person will join Cross Guild, and Buggy will protect him from the Marines. The Cross Guild’s ship is shown decorated with Buggy’s head and clown theme, and Crocodile and Mihawk beat up Buggy again. Crocodile wants to use Cross Guild to complete his “Utopia” plan, a military state that will not be threatened by any power.

Mihawk gives some advice to Crocodile, and Buggy opposes Crocodile’s plan. In a flashback, we see Buggy and Shanks having a conversation in Loguetown. Buggy asks Shanks if they will go searching for One Piece. Although Shanks wants to go, he changes his mind and decides not to go to Laugh Tale. This makes Buggy angry because he secretly hoped that Shanks would follow Roger and become the next Pirate King.

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Buggy then speaks to Crocodile and Mihawk, asking if they have not heard about Shanks moving. This move by Shanks motivates Buggy, and he decides that he also wants to become the Pirate King. Buggy takes the microphone before Crocodile can stop him and speaks to all members of Cross Guild, encouraging them to go and take One Piece.

In Kerajakan Kamabakka, four Revolutionary Army Commanders are surprised and excited when Sabo returns safely. Sabo was not on the island when Im Sama destroyed it. He was on a ship carrying some Lulusian citizens who wanted to join the Revolutionary Army. Sabo joins Dragon and Ivankov in a meeting where he reveals all the truth about what happened in Mary Geoise.

The One Piece manga is scheduled to release every Sunday. If there is no delay, One Piece manga 1082 will be released on Sunday, April 30, 2023. However, the chapter has already been released and can be read on several online comic reading platforms.

In conclusion, the latest One Piece manga 1082 is full of twists and turns, featuring Sabo’s return and a confrontation between Buggy, Crocodile, and Mihawk. The manga leaves us with several questions, and we can’t wait to see how the story unfolds and what the future holds for all the characters involved.

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