Top 7 Strongest Primordial Demons in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Top 7 Strongest Primordial Demons in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Top 7 Strongest Primordial Demons in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

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Are you curious to know about the strongest primordial demons in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken? These ancient beings are feared by many, and they are known as the ancestors of all demons in Rimuru’s world. Each of them has a dominant color that distinguishes them from others, making them unique and powerful. Here are the top 7 strongest primordial demons that you need to know about.

7. Rain

Rain is one of Guy Crimson’s servants, and his name comes from being called during rainy weather. Although his housekeeping skills may not match up to Mizary’s, his ability to manipulate the environment around Guy Crimson’s castle is remarkable. Rain can change the surroundings from icy terrain to sandy beaches and even make it rain. Although not much is known about his power, he once created a clone of himself to fight against Diablo.

6. Misery

Guy Crimson named this green primordial demon Misery after hearing groans and cries of sorrow while thinking of a name. Misery takes care of all the household chores and administrative tasks in Guy Crimson’s castle. She has her own organization, called Apostles of Vert, responsible for collecting information from the human world. While her powers can almost rival Testarossa’s, she is less experienced in combat.

5. Ultima

Ultima looks like a middle school student, but she is known to be one of the most powerful primordial demons. Ultima received training from hobgoblins and became the head prosecutor in Tempest. During the invasion of the Eastern Empire, Ultima and other demons killed 250,000 enemy soldiers, earning the most kill counts.

4. Testarossa

Initially recruited by Diablo as Rimuru’s servant, Testarossa is an expert in politics and legal administration and served as Tempest’s ambassador. Testarossa commanded the entire military power of the Western Council and was responsible for Masayuki’s ascension to the throne. Testarossa also fought against the Eastern Empire and earned the title of Killer Lord.

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3. Carrera

Known for her mischievous behavior that frequently threatened Leon Cromwell with nuclear weapons, Carrera was employed by Rimuru as the head of the courthouse and military advisor for Yellow Number, the High Orc led by Geld. Carrera is part of the 12 Patrons with an extreme EP of 7 million, surpassing Diablo’s power.

2. Diablo

Diablo was known to be unpredictable and self-centered until Rimuru named him and made him his secretary. Diablo is an excellent servant, capable of organizing coups and leading Black Number while managing Rain and Guy Crimson. Although he is less powerful than Guy Crimson, Diablo is the only demon that Guy Crimson does not want to fight.

1. Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson is the only primordial demon who became a legitimate demon lord. He is also the strongest among the primordial demons. Guy Crimson’s power comes from his unique ability to manipulate time, making him a formidable opponent. He is the ruler of many worlds, and his power is equivalent to a god.

In conclusion, the primordial demons in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken are fascinating, and each has its unique power and skillset. However, the strongest among them are Guy Crimson, Diablo, Carrera, Testarossa, Ultima, Misery, and Rain. What an impressive group of beings!

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