Top 7 Crazy Games on Android to Relieve Your Stress
Top 7 Crazy Games on Android to Relieve Your Stress

Top 7 Crazy Games on Android to Relieve Your Stress

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Are you looking for a way to reduce stress? Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of madness. And what better way to do that than by playing some crazy games on Android? These games are so bizarre that they’re impossible in real life, but that’s what makes them so much fun. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best crazy games on Android that are sure to give you a good laugh and relieve your stress.

1. Dumb Ways to Die 2

With over 1.6 million downloads on the PlayStore, Dumb Ways to Die 2 is one of the most popular games out there. In this game, you’ll have different ways to die in the most foolish manner. But don’t take it seriously, it’s just for fun. What’s interesting about this game is that it also teaches some bizarre ways to survive.

2. Crazy Taxi City Rush

In this game, you play the role of a crazy taxi driver who can do whatever it takes to get the passengers to their destination. You can crash your taxi into other vehicles, drive at high speeds, and even drive underwater. With its 3D interface and various locations, the game is sure to keep you engaged.

3. Ragdoll Warriors

Ragdoll Warriors is an action-packed game where you fight against different characters from TV shows, such as DC and Marvel. The fighting style is different from other action games, and the moves are quite bizarre. Try it out to see if you can defeat all your enemies.
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4. Crazy Doctor

In Crazy Doctor, you’ll play as a doctor who treats patients in a hospital using some unusual tools. You’ll be able to see inside the patient’s body and cure their ailments. The game keeps you engaged with its unique way of healing patients.

5. Crazy Freekick

In this game, you’re a soccer player who kicks the ball into the goal. The twist is that you must kick the ball past various obstacles, such as motorcycles, ducks, and even sumo wrestlers. It requires a mix of skill and strategy to win.

6. Crazy Hair Salon-Girl Makeover

Get ready to style the hair of pretty girls in this makeover game. The game allows you to color hair with two or three different colors and to straighten or curl the hair on each side. You can create your own unique hairstyles that are a little “crazy.”

7. Amateur Surgeon 4

In Amateur Surgeon 4, you’ll play the role of an amateur doctor who performs surgeries on various patients. But instead of using proper medical tools, you’ll have to make do with some unconventional equipment, like knives and saws.

These are just a few of the craziest games available on Android that can help you reduce stress. Give them a try to see which ones tickle your fancy.

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