Top 6 Strongest Jutsu of the Otsutsuki Clan in Naruto and Boruto
Top 6 Strongest Jutsu of the Otsutsuki Clan in Naruto and Boruto

Top 6 Strongest Jutsu of the Otsutsuki Clan in Naruto and Boruto

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The Otsutsuki Clan – Naruto and Boruto’s Most Powerful Clan

The Otsutsuki Clan is a powerful god-like clan that hails from another planet and has been present from the time of Naruto to Boruto. To battle the Otsutsuki gods requires immense chakra and high-level fighting abilities. In the Naruto and Boruto series, the Otsutsuki Clan possesses powerful jutsu that can even easily destroy mountains. Here, we have compiled the top 6 strongest jutsu of the Otsutsuki Clan from both eras.

6. Sukunahikon or Daikokuten

The offspring of Kaguya Otsutsuki, Isshiki Otsutsuki first introduced the Sukunahikon or Daikokuten Jutsu. This technique can attack and shrink an object to a smaller size. The troublesome jutsu can also throw the absorbed objects.

5. Yomotsu Hirasaka

Yomotsu Hirasaka is a teleportation jutsu that allows Kaguya to access different destinations. This technique can not only teleport herself but also pull an opponent in the created dimension. It is known that six different dimensions were created by Kaguya to move around.

4. All-Killing Ash Bones

If one falls under the All-Killing Ash Bones technique, their bones will harden, and if the jutsu penetrates their body, the target will slowly disintegrate on a molecular level. Kaguya once demonstrated this jutsu as she fought against Team 7 and Obito.

3. Amenominaka

Amenominaka is a jutsu that enables Otsutsuki gods to make their own dimensions. Kaguya revealed one of her dimensions, an ocean of acid or magma, which destroys anything that falls into it. This technique was present in the Naruto era and still exists in the Boruto era.

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2. Karma

Karma is a technique that serves as Otsutsuki data storage. If an Otsutsuki is about to perish, they will put their karma on someone for later resurrection. The recipient can also access the abilities of the god if they are implanted with karma. Kawaki and Boruto are examples of those who received Karma.

1. Rinnegan

Rinnegan is the most powerful dojutsu inherited by the Otsutsuki Clan. This eye technique enhances the power of the eyes, sees chakra flow, controls the five basic nature transformations, and has Six Paths. Rinnegan can be quite troublesome to deal with.

These are the six strongest jutsu of the Otsutsuki Clan in Naruto and Boruto. With these powerful abilities, they have proven to be the most dominant clan in both series.

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