Top 6 My Hero Academia Heroes Who Could Make the Best Villains
Top 6 My Hero Academia Heroes Who Could Make the Best Villains

Top 6 My Hero Academia Heroes Who Could Make the Best Villains

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When it comes to My Hero Academia, fans have seen amazing heroes with unique quirks and personalities. However, have you ever thought about which of these heroes could make the best villains? In this article, we will discuss the top 6 My Hero Academia heroes who could be the perfect villains if they chose to change sides.

6. Gang Orca

Gang Orca played the role of a villain during the Provisional Hero License exam. He was able to test the skills and teamwork of the students. Gang Orca proved to be a strong and adaptable opponent, making him a tough enemy to fight against. He could analyze the characteristics and relationships of the heroes, making it easier for him to form a strategy to defeat even the strongest heroes such as Deku or Katsuki. Gang Orca demonstrated good leadership skills during the exam, which is why he could effectively lead a team of villains in battle and defeat many Pro Heroes.

5. Hawks

Hawks is a member of the Public Safety Commission Hero, an organization formed to maintain peace and order in society. He was trained by the commission to carry out their dirty work, which included killing corrupt heroes and villains. Despite having a heroic heart, it would be interesting to see what would happen if Hawks continued to obey their orders, no matter how immoral. This would effectively turn him into a villain who thinks he is a hero.

4. Fumikage Tokoyami

Despite appearing small and harmless, Fumikage is one of the strongest students at UA. His Dark Shadow quirk is one of the most powerful quirks in the class, capable of surpassing most of his classmates’ abilities. Fumikage’s obsession with the darkness and his tendency to lose control of his quirk when emotionally unstable makes him a ticking time bomb. If he continues to struggle with controlling his quirk, he could easily become a dangerous villain.
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3. Nezu

Nezu is the intelligent and revengeful creature in UA. He despises humans and has been experimenting on himself for years. With his unique abilities and intelligence, Nezu could be the perfect mastermind for a group of villains who he could lead to victory while avoiding direct confrontation with the heroes.

2. Endeavor

Endeavor is the father of one of the main characters, Shoto Todoroki, and was known for his abusive behavior and disregard for his son’s emotional pain. Endeavor’s ambition to be the number one hero and desire to surpass All Might could cause him to become a villain. He could condemn society and All Might by killing the number one hero, proving he is the best of all heroes. Endeavor’s character development could lead to quite an interesting twist in the story if he turns into a villain.

1. Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi Shinso is a student in the hero course. In the UA Sports Festival, his brainwashing quirk proved to be effective against most of his opponents. Hitoshi’s desire to be a hero despite lacking a heroic quirk could cause him to surrender to the temptation of becoming a villain. He could potentially use his quirk for evil, making him a dangerous villain and a prominent opponent for the heroes to face.

In conclusion, My Hero Academia has a unique set of heroes who possess the potential to turn into dangerous villains. Whether it is Gang Orca, Hawks, Fumikage Tokoyami, Nezu, Endeavor, or Hitoshi Shinso, the series could take a completely different turn if any of these heroes switch sides.

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