The Blunder of Raja Cobra and the Threat to Luffy's Life in One Piece
The Blunder of Raja Cobra and the Threat to Luffy's Life in One Piece

The Blunder of Raja Cobra and the Threat to Luffy’s Life in One Piece

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In the world of One Piece, Raja Cobra Nefertari committed a huge blunder during his meeting with Gorosei in the Reverie. Unknowingly, he leaked important information that made Im Sama reveal herself to them. This mistake caused Im Sama to order Gorosei Saturn to hunt down Luffy as he was considered too dangerous.

Initially, Nefertari Cobra wanted to confirm something to the government elders of One Piece, Gorosei. He started recounting the history he learned from ancient scriptures in Alabasta. It was revealed that there was a Queen named Nefertari Lili who ruled the kingdom of Alabasta.

Nefertari Lili was the reason why the kingdom of Alabasta was considered a traitor to the World Government. She refused to become a Tenryuubito in Marijoa and declined the privileges that were given to her as the founder of the World Government. Instead, she chose to continue the Nefertari dynasty in the kingdom of Alabasta. However, according to the historical records that Cobra read, the Queen never returned to Alabasta.

That is why her brother continued her reign. Cobra then asked Gorosei about the reason for the disappearance of Nefertari Lili, which Im Sama also listened to through a den den mushi. Gorosei seemed uninterested in what Raja Cobra was saying until he asked about the D clan. Unexpectedly, Raja Cobra revealed a big secret that was kept hidden by his predecessors; that is, the existence of a letter from Nefertari Lili that was passed down from generation to generation. The letter contained information about the D clan.
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Upon hearing this, Im Sama decided to reveal herself to Cobra, leaving Gorosei shocked. What fans did not realize was that the blunder committed by Raja Cobra threatened Monkey D Luffy’s life. This is because Luffy has a special connection with Alabasta, and even the princess who is next in line to the throne was once a member of his crew.

By asking information about the D clan, Im Sama would immediately realize that Alabasta would help Joy Boy’s reincarnation, which is Im Sama’s toughest enemy. The sending of Gorosei Saturn to Egghead is proof that Im Sama considers Luffy’s existence very dangerous, not only because of his devil fruit but also because he has connections with Alabasta, which holds information about an ancient weapon.

To prevent such blunders from happening again, everyone needs to be extra careful, especially when dealing with sensitive information. Any mistake could threaten the safety of people and make Im Sama take drastic measures to eliminate any potential threats.

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