Eustass Kid vs Shanks: Spoiler Manga One Piece 1079 Reveals Epic Battle
Eustass Kid vs Shanks: Spoiler Manga One Piece 1079 Reveals Epic Battle

Eustass Kid vs Shanks: Spoiler Manga One Piece 1079 Reveals Epic Battle

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As the release of One Piece Manga chapter 1079 approaches, fans are eager to know what happens in the epic battle between Eustass Kid and Shanks. The previous chapter left us with a cliffhanger as York betrayed and shot Shaka in front of Vegapunk. In this chapter, we can expect to see the story revolve around Elbaf Island where the battle between the two pirate captains takes place.

At the island, Lucky Roux urged Shanks to stay put while they deal with Kid. However, Shanks reminded them of Kid’s bounty of 3 billion and that they should not underestimate him. Shanks also asked Hongo for updates on Blackbeard, to which he replied that they only knew Blackbeard had left Pirate Island but had no further information.

Before the battle began, Shanks asked Yasopp to check if Eustass Kid’s wounds from the Wano Country battle had healed. Once Yasopp confirmed that they were healthy, Kid fired a large railgun at Shanks. Fortunately, Shanks landed safely and avoided the attack.

As Benn Beckman talked to Shanks, asking if he had seen something in the future, Shanks responded seriously, knowing the extent of damage Kid could cause if left unchecked. Consequently, Shanks jumped aboard Kid’s ship and attacked them with his powerful Kamusari technique. The attack caused Kid to pass out while Killer, who had tried to help, coughed up blood and couldn’t move.
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Kid’s crew pleaded with Shanks for mercy and even gave him all the copies of Road Poneglyph they possessed. Shanks did not say a word and jumped off Kid’s ship. Dorry and Brogy also warned Kid about the consequences of attacking someone else’s home territory.

Finally, the narrator reveals that Eustass Kid and his entire crew were destroyed, ending the chapter on a dramatic note.

The release of One Piece 1079 is expected at the end of March 2023, and fans can read it on various online platforms. Manga Plus, a popular platform for manga fans, offers the latest releases of Japanese comics and can be accessed via a website or an app.

In conclusion, the battle between Kid and Shanks will be one to remember in the One Piece series. The manga’s suspenseful plot, coupled with its exceptional artwork, makes it a must-read for any anime or manga fan. We hope you enjoy reading the chapter as much as we did!

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