Top 10 Anime Heroes Who Only Love Themselves
Top 10 Anime Heroes Who Only Love Themselves

Top 10 Anime Heroes Who Only Love Themselves

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Are all anime heroes motivated by selflessness and a sense of altruism? Not exactly. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most narcissistic and self-loving characters that have ever graced the anime landscape. These characters possess a degree of selfishness and are only driven by their own desires and aspirations. Here are the top 10 anime heroes who only love themselves.

10. Seiya Kanie – Amagi Brilliant Park

Seiya Kanie from Amagi Brilliant Park is the epitome of self-obsession. As a child actor, Seiya was already accustomed to a level of fame and fortune that fueled his narcissistic tendencies. Blessed with good looks and inherent leadership skills, Seiya believes that he is better than everyone else and uses his charm to buy his way through life, making it difficult for anyone to reason with him.

9. Power – Chainsaw Man

Power, a Blood Fiend from Chainsaw Man, is one of the most egoistic and irrational characters you will ever come across. Convinced of her own superiority, she does not save humans and cares only about herself. Her personality is reminiscent of Eric Cartman from South Park, which is the most narcissistic and cruel character in popular culture. Though she eventually learns to care about others, she remains extremely self-centered and takes unnecessary risks to prove her worth.

8. Yuga Aoyama – My Hero Academia

Yuga Aoyama from My Hero Academia portrays stereotypical narcissistic tendencies. Despite being enrolled in an academy that trains professional heroes to use their powers for the greater good, Yuga is more concerned with his appearance and superior Quirk, the Navel Laser. His flamboyant facade hides deeper insecurities, including the fact that he was born without a Quirk.

7. Kazuya Shibuya – Ghost Hunt

Kazuya Shibuya from Ghost Hunt is the perfect example of a character who is confident in his own abilities, even to the point of being conceited. Dubbed “Naru” for his narcissism, Kazuya is a talented and skilled researcher of paranormal phenomena. He has a no-nonsense attitude and is intolerant of weakness. Kazuya’s superiority attitude stems from insecurities deeply rooted within him, and he tries his best to hide this side of his personality.

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6. Karamatsu Matsuno – Osomatsu-San

Karamatsu Matsuno is a character from Osomatsu-San and stands out from the other five siblings due to his selfish nature. He believes that he is better than anyone else and has no sense of modesty when it comes to self-praise. Despite his claims, he is often ignored by his siblings. Karamatsu refuses to accept the reality of his situation, continuing to see himself as a cool and attractive person, leading him to wear t-shirts with his face printed on them.

5. Amai Mask – One Punch Man

Amai Mask from One Punch Man is a budding superstar in the world of superheroes. He is not content to simply save people but wants to be adored by everyone as well. Amai Mask is obsessed with being liked and admired by everyone and will do everything he can to maintain his popularity. He tries to maintain his status by belittling others, revealing his selfish and manipulative nature.


While the typical anime hero is selfless and altruistic, these ten characters do not conform to this norm, displaying selfish tendencies throughout their story arcs. Despite their positive traits, they can be frustrating to watch due to their self-centered nature. Nonetheless, their character arcs and development are an important reflection of the human condition.

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