Tokyo Revengers' Mikey: A Kind-Hearted Delinquent Leading a Reformed Motorcycle Gang
Tokyo Revengers' Mikey: A Kind-Hearted Delinquent Leading a Reformed Motorcycle Gang

Tokyo Revengers’ Mikey: A Kind-Hearted Delinquent Leading a Reformed Motorcycle Gang

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Tokyo Revengers anime series showcases a reformed motorcycle gang, led by none other than the kind-hearted Mikey, the commander of Toman. Mikey is a delinquent who wants to prove to the world that being a gangster does not mean being a mere troublemaker. He wishes to build a cultured motorcycle gang that does not resort to killing or breaking the law.

Mikey’s character arises from his pure heart, even though other gang members like Kenchi or Draken are older and wiser in their ways. From the first episode itself, Mikey has been betrayed several times. The first one was by Kazutora, who was one of the founders of Toman and also the one who killed Mikey’s elder brother. Secondly, Pehan, who was working for Moebius, betrayed him from within. Thirdly, Baji, who was the leader of the first division as well as a founder of Toman, took Fujitora’s side and joined the gang Varhalla.

When Toman and Varhalla clash, Baji, unfortunately, commits suicide, and Kazutora surrenders realizing his mistake. He accepts that he deserves to be punished for all his crimes, including killing Mikey’s brother. Despite Kazutora’s guilt, he still blames Mikey since he couldn’t forgive him for all his past actions. However, Mikey takes the high road and gives testimony that lessens Kazutora’s sentence. If Mikey had given evidence that exacerbated Kazutora’s sentence, then he would have been punished for more than two years in jail.

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When Kazutora winds up in jail for the second time, Draken and Takemichi plan a visit. Mikey then sends a message that forgiving Kazutora is a mature and compassionate move.

Before Baji’s death, Mikey and Draken had a rift, which led to their subordinates leaving. The dispute starts when one of Toman’s members, Pah, stabbed Moebius leader Osanai and then subsequently turned himself in, so the others could escape. Draken respected Pah’s decision, while Mikey wanted to save him.

However, Pah’s friend, Peh, could not accept Toman’s decision to let Pah turn himself in, so he rebelled and joined Moebius with the aim of killing Draken. When Toman and Moebius clashed, Mikey talked to Peh and invited him to rejoin them. Mikey says, “Let’s start over again, Peh. Come back to us.”

Thus, Tokyo Revengers portrays Mikey as a kind-hearted delinquent fighting against the stereotypical notion of what it means to be a gangster. His character remains a beacon of hope that reform is achievable for all, and a leader who is willing to forgive and give second chances.

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