The Devastating Power of Marley's Anti-Titan Weaponry in Attack on Titan
The Devastating Power of Marley's Anti-Titan Weaponry in Attack on Titan

The Devastating Power of Marley’s Anti-Titan Weaponry in Attack on Titan

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If you’re a fan of Attack on Titan, then you know that the show is about a war between the Eldian Nation and the Marleyan Nation. However, in the series’ final season, the Marley Empire gains an unfair advantage as they introduce new, powerful anti-titan weaponry. This powerful and destructive weapon can take out even the most fearsome Shifter Titans with a single punch.

The Marleyan Nation’s latest anti-titan weaponry proves to be a formidable threat to their Enemy, the Eldian Nation. The Marleyan military showcases their latest weaponry, which is far superior to that of Eldia’s including the Titans and modern technological developments. The attack on the Paradise Island showcased the completeness of the newly-made Marleyan weaponry capable of destroying Shifters Titan. Magath, a high-ranking officer in the Marley Empire, boasts that their weapons can kill titans with a single blow, including Shifter Titans if their nape is hit.

The Marley Empire’s last attack in Attack on Titan’s final season featured an anti-titan weapon that was even more potent than the thunder Spears. The weapon is an anti-titan bullet fired from the titan carrier, Pieck. The Marleyan anti-titan weapon was built and designed to defeat the Founding Titan first and foremost. The Marley Empire’s military first retrieved the anti-titan artillery that the Eldian Mid-East Allied Forces had been using and improved its design.

Marley’s anti-titan weapon pack tremendous force that even Titan hardening could not withstand. The Marleyan artillery round is larger than a human head and causes significant damage. Its force is strong enough to immobilize Eren and all other Shifter Titans. If Eren were without his hammerhead Titan abilities, he would have lost his Founding Titan to the Marleyan Empire.
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Marley’s advanced technology is incredibly dangerous. Previously, Mikasa and her comrades would use ten thunder spears to kill Reiner, yet the Marleyan Empire’s anti-titan artillery could defeat Eren with a single blow from a massive distance. Marley’s anti-titan weapons have long-range capabilities, making them even more threatening.

In addition to its anti-titan weaponry, the Marley Empire uses three Shifter Titans: the Jaw Titan, the Amored Titan, and the Cart Titan, as well as a large number of attacking forces during airborne battles. Gabi also managed to shoot Eren in the head using the anti-titan bullet.

Due to the completeness and deadly force of Marley’s weaponry, the Eldian Nation behind the walls in Attack on Titan is likely to suffer defeat. However, who knows what the show’s creators have planned for their fans in the end.

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