Tim GRD Wins Samsung Galaxy Gaming Academy Playoffs and Secures Exclusive Contract
Tim GRD Wins Samsung Galaxy Gaming Academy Playoffs and Secures Exclusive Contract

Tim GRD Wins Samsung Galaxy Gaming Academy Playoffs and Secures Exclusive Contract

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Tim GRD emerged victorious in an electrifying showdown at the Samsung Galaxy Gaming Academy playoffs, defeating Pats Esports with a scoreline of 3-1. This remarkable achievement showcased their exceptional gameplay and secured them an exclusive contract as the official Galaxy Team.

The Samsung Galaxy Gaming Academy provided an extraordinary platform for casual players to transform into professional esports contenders in the popular game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Over 2800 passionate gamers from all corners of Indonesia participated in this groundbreaking program.

One of the standout performers of the tournament was Fauzan Khotib from Tim GRD, who was awarded the prestigious title of Most Valuable Player (MVP). His exceptional skills and strategic gameplay played a pivotal role in leading the team to victory.

The Samsung Galaxy Gaming Academy, in collaboration with KINCIR, aimed to discover and nurture talented esports players who have the potential to excel at both national and international levels. This unique initiative garnered significant enthusiasm and hope within the Indonesian esports community.


The success of the program can be attributed to the crucial guidance and training provided by the experienced Galaxy Coach. This mentor played a pivotal role in honing the skills of the participating teams, thereby ensuring their growth and development in the competitive gaming arena.

Samsung and KINCIR joined forces to provide comprehensive training and support for the aspiring pro players in the esports industry. In addition to personalized coaching, the players were also equipped with state-of-the-art gaming technology. Samsung Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G smartphones were provided to enhance their gaming experience and maximize their performance.

The Samsung Galaxy Gaming Academy playoffs witnessed fierce competition among eight talented teams. However, Tim GRD managed to outperform their opponents and emerged as the undisputed champions. Their impressive feat granted them a wildcard entry to the highly anticipated Piala Presiden Esports 2023 tournament, where they will have the opportunity to showcase their skills on a larger stage.

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To earn their spot as the ultimate victors, Tim GRD underwent an intensive selection process, including rigorous training and coaching from renowned Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players. This comprehensive preparation paved the way for their remarkable success in the playoffs.

As part of their journey towards excellence, Tim GRD will continue their training at the Gaming House. This dedicated facility will provide them with the ideal environment to practice and sharpen their skills, preparing them for future competitions and challenges.

The Samsung Galaxy Gaming Academy represents a significant step forward by Samsung Indonesia in advancing the esports industry. By providing a platform for aspiring players to showcase their talents, Samsung is not only nurturing future stars, but also elevating the overall standard of esports in Indonesia.

In conclusion, Tim GRD’s triumph at the Samsung Galaxy Gaming Academy playoffs highlights the program’s success in discovering and nurturing talented esports players in Indonesia. Their journey from casual players to professional contenders is a testament to the transformative power of opportunities and dedicated training. With the continued support of Samsung and KINCIR, the Indonesian esports community can expect even greater achievements and growth in the years to come.

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