Three Tokyo Revengers Characters That Became More Likable After Time Travel
Three Tokyo Revengers Characters That Became More Likable After Time Travel

Three Tokyo Revengers Characters That Became More Likable After Time Travel

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Tokyo Revengers is an anime series that depicts the journey of time travel to fix the past mistakes. The main character, Takemichi, has the ability to control time, but he doesn’t work alone. He is accompanied by Naoto, Hina’s younger brother. Takemichi’s changes to the past have consequences, and some characters change for the worse, while others become better and more likable. In this article, we will explore three characters in Tokyo Revengers who are becoming more popular, and why.

1. Mikey

Mikey is the leader of the Tokyo Manjiro motorcycle gang, and he is one of the most feared. At the beginning of the anime, Mikey and his gang were among the most troublesome characters in society. They often caused trouble and harm to the public, making them the most worrying motorcycle gang around Tokyo. The gang led by Mikey was a threat. However, when Takemichi managed to change the situation and unravel the cause, several things changed, including Mikey. He is even shown as a strong and dignified young man. Even though he has a motorcycle gang, he remains humble, charismatic, and influential. Mikey’s past and character have made him one of the best-liked characters.

2. Takemichi

Takemichi is the main character in the Tokyo Revengers anime series. He was once weak, poor, and a pathetic protagonist like he was in middle school. He was also selfish and always put himself first. However, as he began to reflect on his life and cowardly character, he became determined to change. Slowly but surely, he succeeded in improving himself. He always made sure to think about others, and his actions saved several people such as Hina and Draken. Although Takemichi still made many mistakes when he returned to the past, his character changes should be appreciated.

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3. Draken

Draken is essentially a good character, and he is always more mature than Mikey. As a result, Draken was a likable character from the start. He was seen as a strong, independent, mature, and wise young man. which is very different from his fierce appearance and upbringing in the ghetto. The thing that made him even more likable was not because he used to have a bad character, but because he was reported to have died at the beginning. When Takemichi succeeded in going back to the past, Draken’s character was brought back to life, and his fans were surprised at how sweet his character was when he found out that Takemichi had saved him.

In conclusion, Tokyo Revengers depicts time travel and character development. It shows how characters can change for the better or worse as a result of the main character’s changes in the past. The three characters mentioned above, Takemichi, Mikey, and Draken are among the most popular and likeable characters in the anime series. They are well accomplished, with exciting plot lines and excellent development, which makes their character transformation so appealing to fans.

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