The Yeager Family and Their Impact in Attack on Titan
The Yeager Family and Their Impact in Attack on Titan

The Yeager Family and Their Impact in Attack on Titan

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The Yeager family has been one of the most significant characters in the Attack on Titan anime. Grisha Yeager, Zeke Yeager, and Eren Yeager all play critical roles in tying the series’ storyline together. Grisha Yeager, the father of Zeke and Eren, was born and raised in a specific area inhabited by the Eldia people in Liberio. However, one tragic event led him to join the Eldia restoration group, where he met and later married Dina Fritz.

Zeke, on the other hand, was born to Grisha and Dina but often left with caretakers due to his parents’ involvement with the restoration group. The young Zeke was also put into a military group to train in warrior skills and inherit the titan’s power to seek revenge. Eventually, Zeke finds out about his parents’ involvement with the group, leading to a shocking turn of events.

After their involvement with the Eldia restoration group was discovered, Grisha and Dina were banished to Paradise Island, where they are injected with titan serum. Although Dina transforms into a titan and dies, Grisha survives and later starts a new life on the island. There he marries Carla and has their son, Eren Yeager.

Eren inherits the power of the Founding Titan from his father, who previously ate Frieda Fritz. Due to Eren not having royal blood, he cannot activate the Founding Titan’s powers within him. Gradually, through Grisha’s journal, Eren starts to learn about Eldia’s history, and with his inherited Founding Titan power, he becomes the only one capable of saving Eldia.
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Meanwhile, Zeke inherits the Beast Titan form, which gives him extraordinary abilities because he has royal blood. He becomes a significant player in the Marley attack on Paradis Island, leading the assault and causing destruction. Zeke’s plan to sterilize the Eldian race to end the war is a controversial and morally questionable plan.

On the other hand, Eren’s outlandish idea of destroying every human outside of the walls is just as non-humanistic. Despite their differing plans, Zeke and Eren share one thing in common: their insane ideas and the fact that they both inherited their father’s extremist views.

All in all, the Yeager family’s influence in the Attack on Titan anime cannot be understated. It is thanks to Grisha Yeager’s actions and decisions that the story progresses the way it does. Zeke and Eren’s inheritance of their father’s extremist ideas adds another layer to the story, making it even more complex and intriguing.

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