Get to Know the Main Characters of Black Clover Anime
Get to Know the Main Characters of Black Clover Anime

Get to Know the Main Characters of Black Clover Anime

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Black Clover brings fans into a world where magic is everything. This ability makes life easy and colorful for people in the Clover Kingdom. Those with high magic abilities have the chance to become members of the Magic Knights in the kingdom, even the Wizard King. But, of course, not everyone is lucky. A child named Asta was born without magic abilities. However, that fact does not stop him from aspiring to become the Wizard King. Black Clover tells the story of Asta’s journey in realizing his dreams.

Apart from Asta, there are many other characters featured in this series. Black Clover is known for its various characters who are divided into many groups. From nobles, magicians, fairies, to demons, everything is present in this series. Who are the most important characters in Black Clover? Check out the following review!

1. Asta

Asta is the main protagonist of Black Clover. He is a cheerful character but very noisy. While not the smartest character, Asta is highly skilled in improvisation. At the beginning of his journey, Asta was considered reckless and untalented. But, as time goes by, he becomes better in every fight. In addition, his personality also improves throughout the series. He has learned to read situations better.

2. Yuno Grinberryall

Yuno was found and raised in the same orphanage as Asta. But, the two are very different. Yuno is more serious and has a perceptual sense. He is also very talented and can use magic more skillfully. Yuno is taller and more popular than Asta, which often makes Asta jealous. However, Yuno still respects Asta. He was the first person to believe in Asta and his dreams. In this series, Yuno is revealed to be the crown prince of the Spade Kingdom.

3. Noelle Silva

Noelle is a member of the Silva family, one of the noble families in the Clover Kingdom. Noelle’s inability to admit their failures is usually a big disadvantage for her. But, after spending a lot of time with the Black Bulls, she realizes her mistakes. Noelle has a lot of magic that she uses to empower her attacks. Noelle is often teased by her family for not being able to control her magic well. But, she keeps improving.

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4. Yami Sukehiro

Yami is the captain of the Black Bulls squad, which is considered the worst among the Magic Knights. While most knights maintain their level of obedience, the Black Bulls have no big rules other than not to anger Yami. The captain of the Black Bulls is very fierce. Most people tend to avoid dealing with him. He is also prone to being reckless, often putting himself in danger. Yami’s anger only enhances his fighting abilities. Physically, Yami is on a different level from the others. No one can match his dark magic.

5. Julius Novachrono

Julius is the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom and the strongest wizard in the whole kingdom. His obsession with new and unusual forms of magic made him sideline his duties when he had spare time. Julius is a kind and fun-loving middle-aged man. But, his past is quite terrible. He comes from the Spade Kingdom and contains another character, Lucius Zogratis. They used to be the vessel of Astaroth. When he became Julius, his birthmark was on his left forehead. Currently, Julius has been defeated by Lucius.

6. Lucius Zogratis

Lucius is the antagonist of the Black Clover series. He is a member of the Zogratis family who want to conquer all the kingdoms. Lucius is considered a very dangerous and powerful magician. He possesses knowledge of advanced magic that can manipulate time and space. His ultimate goal is to bring Astaroth into the world.

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