The Truth Behind the Formation of World Government in One Piece Chapter 1086
The Truth Behind the Formation of World Government in One Piece Chapter 1086

The Truth Behind the Formation of World Government in One Piece Chapter 1086

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As a 24-year-old female college student, I am excited to share the latest spoiler that happened in One Piece Chapter 1086. In this chapter, Teras our site reveals that 800 years ago, a great turmoil happened due to 20 kingdoms that formed an alliance to create a world government. Currently, the world government is a dominating force in the world of One Piece.

However, there is a twist to the story that the world government hid from the public. In chapters 1084 to 1086, there are several pieces of evidence that reveal the true events that happened 800 years ago. The truth about the founding of the world government started when King Cobra tried to negotiate with the Gorosei about its formation. He mentioned the empty throne built by the 20 kingdoms. But, in the beginning of chapter 1086, King Cobra was shocked to see a silhouette attempting to ascend the empty throne. It was suspected that the figure was Im Sama, and even the Gorosei was surprised with Im’s appearance.

The return of Im Sama infuriated and confused King Cobra. According to him, no one should occupy the throne. Im Sama’s presence on the throne marks its betrayal towards the 20 kingdoms who allied and formed the world government 800 years ago. Another evidence that points to Im Sama being a traitor is the presence of 19 swords near the throne. It is believed that Im Sama murdered the 20 leaders of the kingdoms who formed the world government to prevent future rebellions.

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On the other hand, Alabasta and Dressrosa are two kingdoms that are not part of the Tenryuubito. According to them, there was something fishy about the alliance. This raises suspicions that led them to realize the truth about the world government. However, because of this, Queen Nefetari Lily was kidnapped and killed by Im Sama to cover up the true events that transpired 800 years ago.

Meanwhile, chapter 1085 reveals another shocking truth about Im Sama. He manipulated the memories of 19 kings, leading to the loss of all records about the 20 kingdoms. Worse, Im Sama ordered everyone in the world of One Piece to refrain from investigating the events that happened 800 years ago. It is an act to tighten his power over the world government.

In conclusion, One Piece Chapter 1086 offers an exciting piece of information about the formation of the world government. Despite the world government’s claim that it was a peaceful alliance, the truth paints a darker story about Im Sama’s betrayal towards the kingdoms who formed it. The mysteries surrounding events that happened 800 years ago slowly unravel, leaving One Piece fans excited for the coming chapters.

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