The Mystery Behind Vegapunk's Powers and Obsession with Devil Fruits in One Piece
The Mystery Behind Vegapunk's Powers and Obsession with Devil Fruits in One Piece

The Mystery Behind Vegapunk’s Powers and Obsession with Devil Fruits in One Piece

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Vegapunk, the renowned scientist in the One Piece universe, has recently made an appearance in manga chapter 1066, revealing his true appearance which resembles that of Albert Einstein. This revelation has stirred up excitement among One Piece fans, who still have a lot of unanswered questions about his powers, motives, and obsession with devil fruits.

According to Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, the secret behind devil fruits will be revealed when Vegapunk is fully introduced because of his obsession with them. It’s also been shown that Vegapunk has attempted to create clones of devil fruit powers, which were deemed unsuccessful, until Momonosuke was able to successfully consume one of his creations.

But what led Vegapunk to believe that his devil fruits were failures? Could it be because, as an obsessive devil fruit user himself, he compared his creations to his own powers? This raises even more questions, such as whether Vegapunk himself is a devil fruit user.

In the world of One Piece, devil fruits can help individuals achieve their dreams, make their lives easier, and even grant eternal life. It’s possible that Vegapunk is a devil fruit user himself, and this may have aided him in his research.

In manga chapter 1066, we also see Vegapunk’s appearance from 20 years ago, after the Buster Call incident, and it’s drastically different from his current appearance. He used to have a head twice the size of his body, but now he has a cut-off head with an apple covering it. This leaves fans wondering what happened to his other head and how he survived the decapitation. Perhaps it could be attributed to devil fruit powers, which defy the laws of nature and allow for seemingly impossible things to occur.

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In addition, Vegapunk’s abilities to manipulate his own brain and create clones from different parts of it may also be attributed to devil fruit powers. This could include the power to manipulate brains or other abilities that enable him to achieve these feats.

In conclusion, the mystery surrounding Vegapunk’s powers and obsession with devil fruits in One Piece continues to captivate fans. Whether he is a devil fruit user himself or has simply refined his scientific skills to manipulate them, it’s clear that Vegapunk’s contributions to the One Piece universe are significant and continue to be explored in the story.

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