The True Story Behind the Devil Fruits Owning by Im Sama and Gorosei in One Piece
The True Story Behind the Devil Fruits Owning by Im Sama and Gorosei in One Piece

The True Story Behind the Devil Fruits Owning by Im Sama and Gorosei in One Piece

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As the One Piece storyline progresses, fans’ interest and curiosity towards the devil fruits owned by Im Sama and Gorosei have grown even higher since the release of Chapter 1085. One interesting theory that we can see is that these devil fruits that Im Sama and Gorosei possess are actually fruits that have been damaged or contaminated. In other words, they are not made from positive dreams or desires, but rather relate to one’s nightmares.

These damaged devil fruits, named “Demons in Our Dreams,” are formed because the creators of devil fruits are carried away by their emotions and accidentally create manifestations of evil. This is based on the fact that the Palace of Alabasta Kingdom’s underground chamber’s tapestries depict creatures similar to demons being sealed. Moreover, with the recent disclosure about Lili and Nefertari family, the story of these tapestries has become even more relevant.

Im Sama’s devil fruit is believed to have formed from nightmares and despair, and it is believed that Im Sama and Gorosei have turned the devil fruits that should have been the creation of dreams and hopes into fruits associated with nightmares. This also reminds us of the events in Skypiea, where Enel shared a similar view that people are not afraid of God itself, but rather terror manifested by God. This speculation is also related to the reason why Blackbeard has never slept and betrayed Shirohige. Looking at this happening with Blackbeard, it creates the possibility that what he experienced must be related to the origins of the wickedness in Blackbeard’s heart. Therefore, it can be concluded that the Yami-Yami no Mi, the devil fruit owned by Blackbeard, may be one example of a damaged fruit.

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Fans of One Piece believe that Im Sama’s devil fruit actually has the original nature of giving nightmares. This fruit can change and manifest anyone’s deepest and darkest fears. Gorosei is believed to have damaged these devil fruits that were made from nightmares, fear, and despair, instead of dreams and hope, as we knew before. As a powerful and influential figure, Im Sama is believed to have been the source of the damage caused to these devil fruits and has full control over the Fruit, which we call a hollow or empty fruit. All that has been revealed above can explain why fruits that should have been known as dream fruits are now known as devil fruits.

In conclusion, fans of One Piece are always coming up with new and exciting theories about the show. The story behind Im Sama and Gorosei’s devil fruits adds more depth to the show and raises further discussions among fans.

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