One Piece Chapter 1086 Predictions: Shanks' Order to Yasopp to Head to Egghead Island
One Piece Chapter 1086 Predictions: Shanks' Order to Yasopp to Head to Egghead Island

One Piece Chapter 1086 Predictions: Shanks’ Order to Yasopp to Head to Egghead Island

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According to the latest updates, One Piece chapter 1086 is set to release on Friday, June 9th, 2023. As it draws closer, fans are speculating and creating theories about what will happen in the upcoming chapter. One of the most intriguing theories is being discussed on YouTube Anime OP, which suggests that Akagami No Shanks will order his sharpshooter Yasopp to head to Egghead Island.

The purpose of Shanks’ order is to assist Mugiwara No Luffy’s struggling group, as Egghead Island is currently under threat from several powerful forces, including Gorosei and Admiral Angkatan Laut One Piece. Thus, Shanks has ordered his trusted commando, Yasopp, to help out the Mugiwara No Luffy pirates.

The Chaser, nicknamed as the sharpshooter, will arrive at Egghead Island with a significant mission of taking down the Kurohige group. Yasopp’s arrival would boost the striking force of Luffy’s pirate crew as his exceptional Chaser abilities are sure to come into play in the Egghead Island arc of One Piece. Despite being a famous marksman, Yasopp hasn’t had that much screen time in the series. He appeared only in the One Piece movie Red, but his full potential as a shooter has not yet been explored.

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Yasopp is a sharpshooter who possesses extraordinary Haki abilities. His presence on the island would undoubtedly put a strain on Shanks’ rivals and will provide a needed boost to Luffy’s team. Along with Benn Beckman, he is exceptionally close to Shanks in One Piece lore, which explains why Shanks has entrusted him with this critical mission. With Yasopp’s arrival, Usop will undoubtedly be more motivated and inspired.

In conclusion, the collaboration of father and son could occur in One Piece chapter 1086. Shanks’ order to Yasopp to head to Egghead Island and help Mugiwara No Luffy’s team adds more suspense and excitement to the already popular One Piece series.

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