The Tragic and Heartbreaking Story of Lu Jin Nian in 'Pretty Man'
The Tragic and Heartbreaking Story of Lu Jin Nian in 'Pretty Man'

The Tragic and Heartbreaking Story of Lu Jin Nian in ‘Pretty Man’

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‘Pretty Man’ is a drama based on the webtoon ‘Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home’ that has received both criticism and success. The story revolves around Lu Jin Nian, a handsome man who has experienced a tragic life as an illegitimate child.

Lu Jin Nian’s life is filled with loss and mistreatment, from his illegitimate birth to the constant sabotage by his stepmother, Han Run Cu. However, he finds solace in his stepbrother Xu Jia Mu, who becomes his pillar of support throughout his difficult journey.

One of the central plotlines in the drama is the love story between Lu Jin Nian and Qiao An Hao. Despite their deep affection for each other, their relationship is plagued by the relentless interference of Han Run Cu. She forces Lu Jin Nian to marry another woman and goes to the extent of killing the child conceived by Qiao An Hao. This tragic turn of events adds to the already heartbreaking story of Lu Jin Nian.

Throughout the drama, Lu Jin Nian’s resilience is tested repeatedly. As he pursues his dream of becoming an actor, he faces countless manipulations from his stepmother, who tries to control his career. Despite all the obstacles, Lu Jin Nian continues to fight for his desires and makes several sacrifices for his loved ones.

‘Pretty Man’ also highlights the profound impact of parental figures on an individual’s life. Lu Jin Nian’s tragic past and the actions of his stepmother shape his journey and add layers of complexity to his character. This exploration of familial relationships adds depth to the storyline and showcases the challenges faced by Lu Jin Nian.

As the drama progresses, Lu Jin Nian eventually finds love and seeks revenge against Han Run Cu for all the suffering she has caused him. This quest for justice further reflects on the challenges faced by Lu Jin Nian and his determination to overcome them.

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The overarching message of ‘Pretty Man’ is the importance of love, forgiveness, and resilience in overcoming adversity. Despite the heart-wrenching storyline, the drama emphasizes the power of these virtues and encourages viewers to find strength in the face of tragedy.

The drama received a rating of 7.2 on My Drama List, reflecting the mixed response it garnered from audiences. However, one cannot deny the impact of the story and the emotions it evokes in the viewers.

The main cast members of ‘Pretty Man’ include Sierra Li, Dylan Xiong, and Jerry Yu, who deliver compelling performances that bring the characters to life. Their portrayals add depth to the already emotionally charged storyline.

In conclusion, ‘Pretty Man’ is a drama that delves into the tragic and heartbreaking story of Lu Jin Nian. It showcases his journey as an actor and his tumultuous relationship with Qiao An Hao and his stepbrother Xu Jia Mu. The drama explores themes of love, resilience, and the impact of familial relationships. Ultimately, it sends a powerful message about the importance of love, forgiveness, and overcoming adversity. Despite mixed reviews, ‘Pretty Man’ is an emotional rollercoaster that leaves the audience with a deep sense of sadness and reflection.

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