Synopsis of Adamas: Two Twin Brothers Unravel the Killer of Their Beloved Father
Synopsis of Adamas: Two Twin Brothers Unravel the Killer of Their Beloved Father

Synopsis of Adamas: Two Twin Brothers Unravel the Killer of Their Beloved Father

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Losing a beloved father at a young age left a wound deep in the hearts of twin brothers, Song Su Hyun and Ha Woo Shin, and the wound continues to fester into adulthood. Ha Woo Shin, a famous writer, is determined to uncover the real killer by finding the murder weapon, a diamond-tipped arrow owned by a massive corporation.

Song Su Hyun, who works as a prosecutor, is just as emotional. She has always felt guilty about her father’s death and also wants to uncover the truth. Both brothers gamble their lives to find Adamas. What follows is a thrilling journey and struggle by the twins to unravel the truth.

Adamas (2022) is a drama with a genre of drama, mystery, and thriller, directed by Park Seung Woo, featuring Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye, and Lee Soo Kyung. This drama is a must-watch for those who are looking for unpredictable turns and exciting plots.

Ha Woo Shin, a renowned writer, agrees to become a ghostwriter for Kwon Jae Kyu, the leader of the Haesong Group. He is given one month to write a memoir about him with certain conditions. The first condition is that the writing process must be done in Kwon Jae Kyu’s residence, while the second is that he is not allowed to carry a mobile phone.

Ha Woo Shin meets with his twin brother, Song Su Hyeon, who works as a prosecutor, to say goodbye. However, he does not reveal anything about his project. On the other hand, Su Hyeon has just refused to handle a case of seven prisoners and one custody officer who were killed a month ago. This murder case has sparked an issue about the restoration of the death penalty in Korea.

Su Hyeon refused because his superior commanded it to win Hwang Byung Chul’s heart, the next presidential candidate. Byung Chul plans to approve the death penalty for defendants who have previously been sentenced to death. He wants to attract voters through this approach.

However, Hwang Byung Chul is just a pawn, and the real person behind him is Kwon Jae Kyu. The death penalty case that is widely discussed also attracts the attention of a reporter named Kim Seo Hee. She senses the hidden agenda behind Hwang Byung Chul’s enthusiasm to make the death penalty as a ‘weapon’ to attract voters.

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Seo Hee, who has conducted an investigation into the murder of Su Hyeon’s father by Lee Chang Woo, believes that this is related to the case. However, if the death penalty is re-approved, Lee Chang Woo as the death penalty defendant will be the first to be executed. In that case, Su Hyeon will lose track of the real killer of his father.

While Su Yeon is still hesitating about the information she received, Woo Shin has already started his job and stayed at Kwon Jae Kyu’s residence with Lee Dong Rim. The house has a maximum-security system, and everyone who enters must scan their biometrics to detect strangers who approach the environment and prevent them from entering. The head of security is Choi Tae Sung.

While at the enormous house, Woo Sin meets and chats with Jae Kyu’s daughter-in-law named Eun Hye Soo. Woo Sin also needs to interview several family members to write a memoir about Jae Kyu. However, the information Hye Soo provides is shocking and could be dangerous if published.

Woo Sin decides to keep the information to himself, especially from Jae Kyu. He is even willing to resign when Jae Kyu asks him to spy on Hye Soo. In addition to writing, Woo Sin secretly plans to steal Adamas, the Haesung Group’s symbol, which is a valuable diamond-tipped arrow.

Can Woo Sin accomplish his plan? Will twin brother Su Hyeon be interested in investigating the murder of their father again?

Adamas (2022) is a must-watch drama for those who want to experience the thrill of a mystery and an unpredictable plot. The portrayal of twin brothers, Ji Sung as Ha Woo Shin and Song Su Hyun, adds another layer of excitement to the story. The drama will keep you on the edge of your seat while you ponder the different twists and turns.

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