The Top 8 Heart Surgery Games in Android You Should Try
The Top 8 Heart Surgery Games in Android You Should Try

The Top 8 Heart Surgery Games in Android You Should Try

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a heart surgeon? With the advancement of mobile technologies, you can now experience the thrill and excitement of being a heart surgeon in the comfort of your own smartphone. That’s right! In this article, we will present you with the top 8 heart surgery games available in Android that you should try.

1. Surgery Master

Start your heart surgery game journey with Surgery Master, where you will experience the role of a surgeon performing life-saving heart surgeries on your patients. This game features complete surgical instruments, and you have to treat multiple patients with various heart illnesses.

2. Open Heart Surgery Doctor Game

If you are looking for a game where you can have a realistic experience while becoming a heart surgeon, then Open Heart Surgery Doctor Game is an excellent choice. You will need to use various surgical tools to save the heart of a patient in critical conditions.

3. Hospital ER Emergency Heart Surgery

Hospital ER Emergency Heart Surgery is a game that simulates the experience of being a surgeon in an emergency room. You need to perform several tests, such as CT scans and blood tests, before leading a team of surgeons to operate on a patient in dire need of heart surgery.

4. Surgery Simulator Doctor Game

Surgery Simulator Doctor Game is an exciting and enjoyable game that simulates what it’s like to be a surgeon. This game requires you to perform complex surgeries using instruments like the real deal and taking responsibility for your patient’s well-being.

5. Amateur Surgeon 4

One of the distinct games on this list, Amature Surgeon 4, is a highly entertaining and colorful game. You will play a quirky and amusing doctor that performs unusual surgeries, and you will need to bring wacky and unorthodox tools to the operating table.

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6. Doctor Game: Hospital Surgery & Operation Game
This game stands out because it not only lets you be a heart surgeon but also allows you to manage a hospital. Doctor Game: Hospital Surgery & Operation Game requires you to take care of the management of the hospital, ensuring the well-being of your patients and making your way up the medical world’s ranks.

7. Surgeon Doctor 2018

Surgeon Doctor 2018 offers you the chance to work with a team of expert heart surgeons to cure every heart illness found in your patients. You will need to operate using top-of-the-line equipment to restore your patients’ heart condition to health.

8. Ice Princess Heart Surgery

For a heart surgery game that caters more to kids or those who are kids-at-heart, Ice Princess Heart Surgery is perfect, where you perform surgery on a fictional Disney-like princess in all its colorful wonder. The game requires you to use a range of tools to perform a heart surgery that could save the life of a “princess ice.”


Playing games like heart surgery games can be both entertaining and educational. It teaches the player how to perform operations and make quick decisions in emergency cases. Each of these games provides a unique experience while staying true to the excitement, thrill, and intensity of performing heart surgeries.

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