The Three Most Hated Antagonist Characters in Tokyo Revengers Anime
The Three Most Hated Antagonist Characters in Tokyo Revengers Anime

The Three Most Hated Antagonist Characters in Tokyo Revengers Anime

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Tokyo Revengers anime has garnered a considerable fanbase, thanks to its compelling storyline and well-developed characters. Not all characters, however, are equally liked by the viewers. In this article, we are going to talk about the three antagonist characters that are the most hated in the anime.

1. Chisaki

Chisaki is undoubtedly the mastermind behind all the evil deeds in the anime. In the future, when Takemichi manages to change many things, Chisaki still stands firm and holds the power. He is Takemichi’s biggest enemy and the most dangerous criminal in the series. His love for power, impeccable manipulation skills, and intellect serves him well to carry out heinous crimes that harm others. He even manages to shoot Takemichi and Chifuyu in the final episode.

2. Kazutora

Kazutora was once Mikey’s childhood friend and one of the six founders of the Toman gang. One day, while they were riding bikes, Kazutora saw Mikey riding a shabby bike inappropriate for a gang leader. He also knew that Mikey wanted a specific bike badly. So, on the occasion of Mikey’s birthday, Kazutora convinced Baji to steal the bike. Unknowingly, they stole the bike from Mikey’s brother’s place and injured him in the process, eventually leading to his death. Kazutora served two years of prison for the crime, but since then, he blamed Mikey unjustly without any reason.

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After Kazutora’s release from prison, he joins a rival gang, Valhalla, and becomes an egotistical jerk. His selfish behavior even pushed Baji, one of his friends, to commit suicide. Kazutora finally surrenders and takes responsibility for his mistake.

3. Akkun

Akkun is Takemichi’s childhood friend and one of his closest allies. He has always been a good person, placing his friends’ needs above his own. However, he later joins Chisaki’s gang and embraces the dark path. Under Chisaki’s commands, Akkun becomes a part of the conspiracy to harm Takemichi. He pushes Takemichi onto the train tracks, almost killing him. He later apologizes and commits suicide. However, in the next life, he tries to kill Takemichi again by crashing his car into his vehicle, but unfortunately kills Hinata instead.

Akkun’s weakness is his poor choice of friends and companions, resulting in him becoming one of the most hated characters in the anime.

In conclusion, Tokyo Revengers, despite its popularity, has some of the most despised antagonist characters. Chisaki, Kazutora, and Akkun are the top three in the ranks of the least popular among the viewers.

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