The Theory of Garling Figarland as Shanks' Father in One Piece
The Theory of Garling Figarland as Shanks' Father in One Piece

The Theory of Garling Figarland as Shanks’ Father in One Piece

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Have you heard about the latest theory in the One Piece universe? Many fans are speculating that Garling Figarland, the leader of the Holy Knight, might be the father of Shanks. Evidence to support this theory includes the fact that Shanks shares the same last name as Garling Figarland, and that they both wield swords. In addition, the theories about Shanks’ history and past make it all the more plausible. In this article, we will explore this theory in-depth and provide more insight into the world of One Piece.

Shanks is one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece, but in the Wano arc, Eiichiro Oda finally revealed some information about his origins. According to One Piece 4 Billion, Shanks was found by Roger when he was just a baby. Roger and his crew discovered Shanks within a treasure trove they had plundered. From that moment on, Shanks became a member of Roger’s crew and grew up among them. However, it is also known that Shanks is a member of the Figarland family, which leads us to question his true lineage.

It is believed that Garling Figarland might be the father of Shanks, as both characters share the same last name and have similar fighting styles. Shanks is known for his incredible swordsmanship and Haki skills, and Garling is also an adept swordsman and one of the most feared Knights of the Holy Land. This similarity is enough to justify the theory that Garling Figarland might be Shanks’ father.

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence supporting this theory is the fact that Garling was the former king of God Valley. As we know, God Valley was the location of an infamous battle involving Roger and the Rock Pirates. During the battle, Garling might have hidden Shanks in a box to protect him, and it is possible that Roger stole the box, thinking it was treasure. This could explain how Shanks ended up with Roger and why Garling was so fiercely protective of him.
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Another aspect that supports this theory is that Shanks’ power might come from his father, Garling Figarland. Although Shanks’ swordsmanship and fighting techniques were taught to him by Roger and Rayleigh, his power level far exceeds that of an average fighter. It is possible that Shanks inherited his father’s supernatural abilities, which could also explain why Garling became the leader of the Holy Knight.

In conclusion, the theory that Garling Figarland might be the father of Shanks in One Piece is highly plausible. The similarities in their fighting styles, last names, and Garling’s past as the king of God Valley provide enough evidence to support this theory. With more clues and information being revealed in the upcoming arcs, it will be interesting to see if this theory comes to be true.

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